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circleoflife posted 7/10/2013 10:42 AM

I want to do IC and he is going to do IC. Then eventually do MC. Which I'm up in the air about b/c I'm not sure if I want to R or not at this point.
Anyways, my question is should our IC and MC person be the same for us? or is it best to get separate counselors?

WakingFromADream posted 7/10/2013 10:56 AM

My opinion is that it would be best to have three; one each for IC then a separate MC. That way you both have a somewhere "safe" to go talk about things on your own and get a different perspective.

Lionne posted 7/10/2013 11:39 AM

Do the IC first for as long as it takes. We didn't start MC for a long time. At that point we did/are doing it with my IC, the reason being, we both trust her and I just DID NOT want to start fresh with a brand new person who needed to get to know both of us establish a relationship, with us, hear the whole sordid story again from scratch, etc. That may not work for you, but the point is, get some significant IC under your belt before you decide. That's paramount.

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