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What is 180?

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tennispro posted 7/11/2013 07:29 AM

Hi. I am the BS. I can't find the definition of 180 on this website. Can someone fill me in? Thank you!

Undefinabl3 posted 7/11/2013 07:31 AM

That is the link....hope it helps

sisoon posted 7/11/2013 07:42 AM

A note:

1) The 180 is for you if you desperately want R, but your WS is not willing to do the work necessary to R, and you're unable to let go.

2) If both you and your WS are working towards R, the 180 isn't for you.

3) Even if both partners are working towards R, some tactics of the 180 may be useful for any BS who needs to find or enhance his own internal strengths.

I was really confused when I first read about the 180. The stuff I read seemed to say it was for all BSes in all sitches. A lot of the tactics just didn't seem right in my case, since my W was remorseful and working for R from D-Day on.

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