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why do people do this? (o.l.d. related)

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nutmegkitty posted 7/11/2013 19:15 PM

So, a guy "liked" my picture. I got the email this morning. quickly glanced at his profile and thought ok, I'll stcik my neck out and say hello.

Cant access Match from work, so I sit down tonight, log on, and his profile is unavailable. Cold feet? Drunken regret? Found his soulmate?
I don't get it.

I think I'm ditching Match and going to P.O.N. with OIAL.

caregiver9000 posted 7/11/2013 19:20 PM

Ok, I am laughing. PON.

I don't have an answer to your question though. I have seen it happen. I usually assume it was someone "window shopping" that probably shouldn't be, whether because they aren't single or aren't ready. They got cold feet, or came to their senses or fear being discovered and so they disappear. But that is my theory only.


nutmegkitty posted 7/11/2013 19:23 PM

I think your theory is probably bang on. His username kinda sorta indicated he was recently jilted. At least in hindsight it does.

lieshurt posted 7/11/2013 19:24 PM

Actually, that's one of the tactics used by Match to entice people to sign up and/or remain on the site. I believe they were accused of fraud because of it and even had a lawsuit or two against them for it.

cmego posted 7/11/2013 20:19 PM

It happens to me a lot.

I'm assuming it is guys getting their jollies, probably married or attached. One of the reasons I do not have a "clear" photo of myself on Match.

OnceInALifetime posted 7/11/2013 21:56 PM

It's awesome over here on PON, nutmeg! Come join the masses

There was weird crap on match for me as well, though of a different sort. I'd get all these messages from 29 year old girls (always 29, for some reason). They all looked like glamour shots from some fashion magazine.

I figured it was a scam to somehow rid me of my money, you know, one of those "Help, I'm stranded! Would you wire money please!" kind of things.

I never tested my theory, but I'm certain a *lot* of scammers troll around on match. Navigating that dating site is like walking through Central Park at night in the 80's.

Must Survive posted 7/11/2013 23:56 PM

Now you have my curiosity, what is pon?

cayc posted 7/12/2013 07:26 AM

Now you have my curiosity, what is pon?

It's OIAL's new OLD site "plenty of neurotics". It not only provides dates, but also gives you the opportunity to crowdsource analyze your dates on SI

nutmegkitty posted 7/12/2013 08:17 AM

wow, a scam? Sheesh, that's pretty crappy. Bait and switch!

too bad, cause this guy actually had a profile that interested me.

better4me posted 7/12/2013 14:16 PM

I've noticed this too...I figure that most of those "profile no longer active" ones are scammers who got caught. If a profile looks "too good to be true" I usually wait a day or two to see if the profile is still active. If it gets deleted within a few days, it probably is a scam "artiste"! Just like the ones who say in the first email, "I'm rarely on this site, contact me at my email address". Bastards!

timeforchange posted 7/12/2013 14:30 PM

I met my SO on Match here in Germany. He told me that he had lots of messages from prostitutes clearly scouting for business!!!!

He just ignored them. I must be naive as I was really shocked that Match was being used for "professional uses"!!!!

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