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Work drama

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Williesmom posted 7/12/2013 19:36 PM

Earlier this week, there was a very loud outburst from an office near mine. It was yelling and profanity from one of the big shots, directed at 2 subordinates.

A lot of people heard it, including me. I work for the entire executive group, but the rest of the execs were on vacation.

This person and his temper is the main reason why I left the company 6 years ago. I just returned 6 months ago.

Today, the owner returned. I had a word with him about it, because I think that he needs to know. Everyone is talking about it, and the recipients of the tirade apologized to me -they were sorry that I had to hear it.

I'm just sick over it. The owner thanked me, but it's just such an uncomfortable situation.

Please send good thoughts.

Amazonia posted 7/12/2013 19:42 PM

I hope he loses his job. He's been getting away with abusing people way too long.

Williesmom posted 7/12/2013 20:00 PM

No, that won't happen. They need him.

Incidents like this have happened 5 times that I'm aware of in the 15 years that he has worked there.

Oh, and he thinks women are 2nd class citizens in the workplace. The beauty of it is that he has 3 daughters-my fervent hope is that they all work for a man just like him.

I miss my boss - he'll be back on Monday. He is a kind and rational man. I dread telling him what happened. I spoke to HR about it this week. They suggested that I let my boss know because I was a witness to it. This is going to get so ugly.

jrc1963 posted 7/12/2013 21:07 PM

Nobody should have profanity shouted at them.

Kajem posted 7/12/2013 21:19 PM

Sending good thoughts your way... I hope it cleans the toxicity out of your workplace.



TrustNoOne posted 7/12/2013 21:27 PM

Your Sr Executives are creating a serious financial liability for themselves and the corporation.

By allowing these outbursts, repeatedly, without corrective action, performance advisories, or disciplinary action - up to and including termination....they are knowingly permitting a hostile work environment.

Not only can the company be named in the suit, but this Exec can be named personally and so can any of his superiors who are aware of his inappropriate, hostile, and abusive behaviors.

kernel posted 7/12/2013 21:46 PM

they are knowingly permitting a hostile work environment.


Williesmom posted 7/13/2013 11:25 AM

He has no superiors, other than the board.

I just don't want to get caught in the crossfire.

You are correct in that it could be seen as a holstile work environment.


Holly-Isis posted 7/13/2013 13:13 PM

I seem to remember you speaking of this guy before you went back to work. I'm sorry he's stayed the same.

I am glad that you're willing to speak up though. Otherwise people like this ride all over everyone. Too bad nobody seems to be willing to reign him in though.

Amazonia posted 7/13/2013 13:42 PM

Do you have a whistleblower policy?

Williesmom posted 7/13/2013 14:55 PM

We have no whistleblowe policy. We are privately held.

purplejacket4 posted 7/13/2013 15:41 PM

Sounds like he needs anger management.

When I was a resident I had, ahem, these problems also. I had to do anger management that really helped me. People who knew me then think I was snatched by a pod person because it takes so much now to make me mad.

Sad in AZ posted 7/13/2013 15:46 PM

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this; I know all too well what it's like--I worked directly with an asshole like that. He was the top producer in the agency and they wouldn't do anything about him. When I finally got taken off of his desk, the person with whom they replaced me had to be hired from out of town--that's how bad his reputation was. She came in with an attitude (my direct supv. actually told me to disclose his personality to her--never done!) and she basically blew me off--told me she was better than I and could handle the job. She was in a mental institution a month later! (She was a 12-stepper and fell way off the wagon.) She called me, crying, right before her breakdown and asked why I hadn't told her about him.

nowiknow23 posted 7/15/2013 12:01 PM

Just saw this. Sending you good thoughts.

Why?? posted 7/16/2013 18:28 PM

Wow, that is stressful. I hate dealing with angry people. Hope they send him to anger mgt. class or something! Hang in there.

Crushed1 posted 7/17/2013 13:58 PM

((((Williesmom)))) Good thoughts and mojo sent your way.

Amazonia posted 7/24/2013 11:38 AM

Did anything ever come of this?

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