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Question for ws

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Hasslesmom posted 7/13/2013 13:03 PM

My husband came clean three weeks ago today. He says he truly loves me and is scared that we will not be able to work this out. We have started MC and he says it bothers him that he still thinks of OW. That it isn't right He has been beating himself up and doesn't understand how I could forgive him and move on and try to start our ten year relationship over. He says he knows stating with me is the right thing to do but feels like his heart is not 100 percent here because he continues to wonder about her. Now let me tell u the actual sexual affair was approximately 6 weeks. Idk how long the emotional affair was. He is almost 39 and OW is 21. Please help me to help him. Thx so much

jo2love posted 7/13/2013 13:25 PM


BS's can not start threads in the Wayward Forum. You can post your question on the thread in ICR called BS questions for WSs.

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