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computer won't turn on

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little turtle posted 7/15/2013 12:46 PM

I got home from my vacation last night. Started getting caught up on laundry and work stuff and noticed that my wi-fi isn't working. I turned the computer on and tried to figure out how to set up the Apple AirPort so I can have wi-fi for my phone/ipad/work lap top. I noticed my computer doesn't have access to internet either. While clicking around, my computer turned off. I can't get it back on.

Any suggestions? Is it dead? It has been noisy for a couple of years...loud fan. I've been thinking about getting a new one for a couple of months. Do I have any options? Any way I can save my stuff that's on there?? It's an acer that is probably 5 years old.

While I was gone the computer was plugged into a power strip which I turned off. I turned it back on last night.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!!

KBeguile posted 7/15/2013 13:08 PM

There are lots of possibilities here, including: overheating, burned-out components, and the possibility that your wireless router has gone bad.

Without more information, that's all I can really ascertain. However, I do believe everything on the computer is, at least, rescueable.

little turtle posted 7/15/2013 13:21 PM

I don't know what more information to give.

SO will be home shortly, hopefully he can figure something out with this router. We have an external hard drive, but it wasn't set up properly so there isn't anything on it! That will be on SO's top to do list after I get a computer with internet running.

Glad to hear that my stuff is rescueable. I'll have to figure out how.

over-heating: Can it over-heat in about 5 minutes time?

burned out: maybe. Not sure what this entails.

wireless router gone bad: I don't know how to test this. It looks like the cable modem is working. Power light is on. PC is flashing. Data is off. Cable is on. Prior to computer turning off, the cable light was off. On the AirPort, the orange light is flashing and has been since I turned the power strip off before my vacation.

sisoon posted 7/15/2013 16:22 PM

Do you have multiple 'putters? 'Cause flashing PC light means something's coming in on that lead.

When you turn the PC on, do any lights come on? Do you hear any fans? Does anything show up on the monitor?In the answers are no & no & no, it sounds like the power supply, which is under $50, and could be under $20, if you can do it yourself.

OTOH, if it's 5 years old, it's not worth $20 - buy a new one, Craigslist if cash is really low.

Also, if the noise was your hard drive, you've probably lost it. If it's OK, get a new PC and an external adapter or enclosure, install the old drive, hook it up to the new PC and read the drive.

You might try unplugging everything from the PC except the power, display, keyboard, and mouse and see if it boots.

little turtle posted 7/16/2013 06:37 AM

SO got the wifi working so it's not the router. It had to be re-configured after being off.

I can hear a fan running when the computer is on. The keyboard lights work as well (num lock). I will unplug everything extra and see if anything changes when I press the power button.

jo2love posted 7/16/2013 09:08 AM


I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I am horrible at this stuff.

Sending mojo and hopes that your computer is fixed soon.

landabear posted 7/16/2013 09:28 AM

It sounds silly, but are you sure it's not just the monitor? They do go bad, or the cables get knocked loose, so it appears the computer is not "on" when really it is - it's just that there is no display.

Is the power light on the PC on?

Flip it around and look at the back while it's powered on - are their blinky lights around the Ethernet Cable? Then it's running, and the monitor might be bad. Before you give up entirely on the PC, try another monitor or cable just to be sure....

little turtle posted 7/16/2013 22:08 PM

The power light on the PC won't turn on. I wasn't home all day so I haven't fiddled with it since yesterday. I will try your suggestions tomorrow. I'm already in bed for the night.

wildbananas posted 7/17/2013 00:28 AM

Is there any beeping when you turn it on? If so, note how many and what kind (long, short) and Google beep codes and your computer model number. That's a diagnostic thing that tells you what component is failing - hard drive, motherboard, whatever.

letitout posted 7/17/2013 17:02 PM

This happened to me just last week. I called a computer guy to fix it.

little turtle posted 7/20/2013 14:25 PM

No beeps. A blue light comes on for a sec on the power button, a fan clicks on, and that's all I can tell is happening.

Looks like I need to get a new one. Time to shop around!!

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