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What is this sh!tz!

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ifinallyfoundme posted 7/16/2013 04:51 AM

Please excuse the phone typos.
My dear hubby and I are separated. Well we had a wonderful time, I was finally starting to feel better about being with him...on occasion. My dear hubby left his laptop open and I found pics in a hidden file of him and his ho taken a year ago. He obviously still has some sort of feelings for her, or he gets some sort of sick pleasures from the help of me finding out.
After some effort we went through the photos one by one. He hesitantly answered my questions, before deleting them. With me my husband has always been critical of my weight and appearance. But to call her a plain Jane would be an upgrade. The pics weren't sexual, but seeing him with his stupid I believe he at least at one time got off on the ego stroking and lordship he felt with this chick.

I mean she was fat and fluffy with lots of rolls and ugly-his words! But how do you screw a woman you find ugly...and lousy sex. Speaks volumes about the state of his soul!

He deleted maybe 10 of them together with more of her alone, wincing whenever her pic or the two of them popped up.

Oh and can I say she flew out to meet him...pussy on a platter. In some of her photos she looked a little embarrassed cause I'm sure dear hubby was drunk, high or both while with her. U see as his chick on the side, she gave up her rights to call him on his shitz!

I understand dear hubby, part of his betrayal was a sick revenge because I wouldn't bend to his will..another part was free sex, even bad sex. (He has ED )
But how does a woman, lower her standards, putting her life on hold chasing a jerk. I mean she played by his rules, was forbidden to call him at certain times, ignored her, didn't contradict him, and he used her to for errands that would take hours for her to finish.

Anyway, just venting.

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hardtimesinlife posted 7/16/2013 06:50 AM

Hugs. This is all so hard. One point that stuck out to me is when you said you wouldn't bend to his will. Do you think he enjoys having you find these photos?

ifinallyfoundme posted 7/16/2013 08:45 AM

I believe on some level this entire episode was revenge, but it backfired. I was and am still somewhat angry, however I've taken a step back looking at the big picture. He feels threatened by me. I've had some wonderful things happen in my life inspire of all he has done and he wasn't a part of it.

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