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Consultation with attorney this afternoon.

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hangingontohope7 posted 7/16/2013 09:56 AM

Its been a little over 2 weeks since DDay #2.

STBXWH insists that since he is asking for the D, he will file. No idea when that is going to happen.

I've decided I can't just sit on my hands anymore. I've given myself time to digest what happened and now I need some legal advice on what I should and shouldn't be doing.

STBXWH seems to think that all it takes is just clicking his heels and poof! I will be gone and he can go play house with OW.

My major concerns are our marital home, custody, support, health insurance and keeping OW away from my kids. He has already had her over at the marital home more times than I can count. (Not when the children have been with him.) Since, I moved out with the kids, I don't know what my legal rights are to keep her out of there. I would hope there is atleast something I can do to keep her out of the house when my children are there. My name is on the mortgage. STBXWH insists that they won't meet her for "quite some time, if they work out." He claims that he doesn't want to upset them. Seriously?? Because cheating on their mother and being moved hasn't upset them?

Sorry. That verred right off track. Anyway, its only a 30 minute consultation but I'm hoping it gives me some direction and peace of mind.

SeanFLA posted 7/16/2013 10:29 AM

Try to interview at least three attorneys. Prices and retainers can vary. But you want to find someone you click with. Since your name is on the deed you have every right to your home and any proceeds from the sale. If he doesn't want to sell it then he has to buy out your portion of the equity, plain and simple. I too had to move and my exWW thought I would just disappear. Well she got the lesson of her life and I set her back 15+ years in her savings and retirement savings. Now she lives in a 3600 sq ft home by herself half the time. Make this process as difficult on him as possible for what he did to you. Not saying you need to spend money picking over every little item, but know his pipe dreams aren't going to be reality. Put on you bitch boots and get what you deserve. I hate non-remorseful assholes like him that think you will just quietly go into the sunset broke. Mine thought the same and got hit in the face with a frying pan where it hurt most....her bank account. He may find out he's the one that has to move from the marital home since you have children.

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