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Seeing him tomorrow!!

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Crash! posted 7/16/2013 16:23 PM

I'm seeing the guy I kissed last week tomorrow! I'm so nervous...

I'm scared that he won't go near me or mention the kiss thing, and I'll have to either ask the awkward question or ignore it and not know. Or that he'll say he's not interested,and I'll be gutted...

This is the first guy I've actually liked, or had anything at all for and it's making me jittery as hell. I'm worried it'll all blow up and I'll still have to see him because we have the same circle of friends...

hurtinky posted 7/16/2013 17:38 PM

He kissed you last week but you haven't heard from him since then?


Crash! posted 7/16/2013 17:58 PM

No, sorry I missed it off. We've been texting all week, and he's been sweet about always asking questions, texting me again if he hasn't heard back from me in a few hours, telling me what he's up to and once sent a silly picture of his day.

He's on my sports team, and we've been friends for a while. He kissed me after a game last week, but a few weeks before that he told me he had a complicated situation with an ex so I said to figure it out first and hen get back to me....

Gack. The team is like a family, they were a support system during my breakup. I'm scared that it'll get messed up, but I also like him and he seems like a good guy. I'm kind of in too deep to not have it get messed up anyway.

hurtinky posted 7/16/2013 23:29 PM

The "complicated situation" doesn't sound good. I still say "Next"!!!

InnerLight posted 7/17/2013 00:00 AM

I'm kind of in too deep to not have it get messed up anyway.

What do you mean? This sounds ominous!

Crash! posted 7/18/2013 15:23 PM

Ahh, more that I already have screwed up my little happy place by developing a crush on him, and so no matter what happened after the awkwardness was going to be there.

And I totally made a hash of it last night anyway :-(

Crescita posted 7/18/2013 16:01 PM


Hope you are doing ok.

Crash! posted 7/18/2013 17:05 PM

Uggh. Cringe. I just asked feelingy questions when we were on verge of kissing and he reacted pretty honestly but I didn't love his answer and also didn't get enough info so I pushed him on it later. He eventually answered again and the answer was a bit more positive, but I just feel like I was too pushy and weird. But then the other option was just to ignore what I needed to know and make him feel comfortable at the expense of my needs.


jo2love posted 7/18/2013 17:36 PM


Crash! posted 7/19/2013 01:52 AM

This is really getting to me for some reason, this dating thing, and I have no idea why it's hitting me so hard. I'm not eating or sleeping right...

cmego posted 7/19/2013 08:01 AM

I think the first "rejection" during dating is generally the hardest. As my IC always told me, take a step back and cocoon yourself. Take care of yourself first.

Dating is a lot like dipping your toes in the water to see if you are ready. You dipped toes in...not ready. Time to step back and focus on yourself/heal/grow more then try again later.

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