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Told my parents - amazing!

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LA44 posted 7/17/2013 20:58 PM

"Well, let's move forward then." This was the first thing my Dad said after saying absolutely NOTHING for the 10 minutes that (mostly) H and I talked about the A. Mom would interject here and there and say something like, "I noticed you two seem closer" and, "I am proud of you, LA" but Dad was quiet and was barely looking at me and never at H. Every now and then he would nod his head and I thought he teared up a little.

Then he spoke those words and I just wanted to cry with relief. We explained that info would be given if asked but both of them expressed that they don't need more then the bare bones here and now needed some time to process. I also asked for privacy in that I don't want to be anyone's coffee-time anecdote.

H expressed his remorse and apologized for deceiving them during A time. He finished by telling them of my strength and how blessed he is to have me in his life and he loved me deeply.

Dad asked if I had forgiveness in me. I said that I knew it was there but it still seems out of reach. So much for the Oprah show I attended on Forgivness! One day....

Finally, my parents hugged us both. Dad said, "You are both thoroughbreds. A jackass falls when he gets kicked. Thoroughbreds run faster."

We have been running fast!

Thank God for my parents.

And to you. I read all of you notes from my last post. Thank you for your vibes, thoughts, prayers - blakesteele, you even got your wife in on it. I love it!

Hugs to all of you. I think I will have a great sleep tonight and think of all the goodness that has come from such ugliness.

musiclovingmom posted 7/17/2013 21:02 PM

Yay! I'm soooooo glad things turned out well for you! And what a relief knowing that your niece (and sister) can't hold it over your head anymore.

RockyMtn posted 7/17/2013 21:02 PM

What wonderful parents! What a great response on your dad's part. It sounds like they both were looking to take your lead which is exactly what you want.

Also - thanks for this:

I don't want to be anyone's coffee-time anecdote

Personally, I've told no one and am very happy with that decision, but this really, really sums up my feelings on it. Stealing for any future SI post about telling/not telling!

cdnmommy posted 7/17/2013 21:06 PM

I am so glad it went so well. :)

torn2pieces posted 7/17/2013 21:06 PM

What a great response from your parents. Happy for you and your husband.

LA44 posted 7/17/2013 21:10 PM

Go right ahead RockyMtn!

When I first found out about a neighbour's A (long before my H's) and everyone was talking about as the kids were waiting for the bus, I said: I sure as hell wouldn't want to be anyone's anecdote at the bus stop."

Yes Musiclovingmom!

what a relief knowing that your niece (and sister) can't hold it over your head anymore.

The light has been shone on the problem, thus the power of it taken away. (credit: blakesteele)

RockyMtn posted 7/17/2013 21:12 PM

When I first found out about a neighbour's A (long before my H's) and everyone was talking about as the kids were waiting for the bus, I said: I sure as hell wouldn't want to be anyone's anecdote at the bus stop."

Eggs-actly! Even people who mean well and don't their heads, I'm their anecdote (or that's my fear if I told people). That's why being really clear - like you were with your parents - about what you need is so important.

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Skan posted 7/17/2013 23:14 PM

I am SO very, very happy for you!

jo2love posted 7/17/2013 23:21 PM

I'm so glad it went well. Sounds like you have some pretty amazing, supportive parents.

Jrazz posted 7/17/2013 23:30 PM

Glad to hear it, LA. Been thinking about you today.

blakesteele posted 7/18/2013 05:47 AM

Wonderful!!! May we all parent someday like your parents do today.

As my wife and I struggle through this she made the following comment after we had a conversation basically about how trials make us stronger and how we have a new respect for those older couples we know that have been married for decades more then we have...with a new understanding that they, too, probably had trials we know nothing about. We blindly assumed that they were soul mates and just had a great 40 year run. We NOW see that as highly idealistic and not realistic.

She said on the heals of that conversation....I just wonder if this new level of appreciation of how challenging life is, how our perspectives are changing isn't the process of US becoming THEM.

Meaning reaching a maturity level that enables us to move past the black and white, highly judgmental stage into the stage your parents apparently are at...that stage of more completeness, more understanding, a more realistic less idealistic stage.

Aaaahhhh! Probably too deep of a thought for this post...don't want to be a wet blanket.

This is a moment to be celebrated. thanks for letting us be a part of it.

God be with us all.

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karmahappens posted 7/18/2013 06:02 AM

Good for you LA.

And good job by your parents. As adults I think many times we forget that no matter how old we are our parents are still mom and dad. Just like when we were little they just want to be able to take the hurt and pain away and be supportive.

I am happy they were able to be that support to you and H during this time.


JustWow posted 7/18/2013 06:08 AM

Wow - wonderful.

And is it any wonder folks like that raised a girl like you?? I think not.

Apples don't fall far from their trees - and those are some lovely trees

SurprisinglyOkay posted 7/18/2013 06:15 AM

Thanks for the update! That's awesome!

SisterMilkshake posted 7/18/2013 06:24 AM

I am very happy that your parents were supportive of both you and your H. That is really good news. I can imagine how heartbreaking it was for them to hear this news because they love you so much and we (as parents) hurt when our children get hurt, no matter their age.

I am just so interested in how your niece will handle the realization that your parents now know. Will you be telling her that they know? As she has said

"forgivenss would not be given if we did not tell my parents"
will she be ready to forgive your H and move forward herself? I really dont' see why telling your parents would open the door to forgiveness for your H for her, but I sure hope it does.

That had to be so very hard for you and even moreso for your H. I am sure you were proud of your H for facing your parents on this.

Knowing posted 7/18/2013 06:59 AM

Glad for you both that it went well. What a great family you have there. Thanks for updating us. Did you mention your niece and her out-of-bounds response? She lived with them, right? They must know her well and might know a good way to approach this subject with her now that it's out in the open.

sisoon posted 7/18/2013 07:28 AM

I'm very glad your parents stepped up. It must have been very tough for them to hear, but it sounds like they listened and heard.

I'm also glad that you no longer have your niece's threat hanging over you. Personally, I wouldn't dignify her threats by telling her your parents know unless she makes the threat again, but you now your sitch better than I do.

I gotta say, I hope neither my son nor DIL cheat!

blakesteele posted 7/18/2013 08:37 AM

Amen painful it will be to KNOW the pain level my daughters would be in if this ever happened to them.

But how comforting to them will it be that I really get that pain...having been there, done that.

On the flip side...if one of my daughters ever has an wife would be in a position to support and comfort her on that side of this as well.

I hope both of those thoughts stay like that....just thoughts.

This is a good post. Congratulations again LA44. I loved the comment about your parents being lovely trees and you are obviously the fruit of those lovely trees. Well stated!!!

It is posts like this that encourage me. It is one reason why I externalize as part of my way of processing...this helps me gain a bigger picture of things.

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still2suspicious posted 7/18/2013 10:29 AM

What wonderful parents you have LA, and you definitely follow in their footsteps.

I have to admit I did a little fist pump for you, and the release of the burden you carried due to your niece. Although she thinks she's an adult (as we all did at that age) we all know she isn't. And when she looks back at this, later in life, she will realize she didn't know shit!

I pray, for you and your family, that she comes around. It is sad to lose family. BTDT.

Again, congrats.

1Faith posted 7/18/2013 12:50 PM

Good for you LA !!!

Happy things are going well and you are moving forward to a healthy and happy future.

Thanks for sharing your story.

((many hugs))

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