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How do you get past it?

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getting_stronger posted 7/18/2013 09:08 AM

Last night was our first night having sex after I found out about the affair. It was awkward to say the least. The whole time, I just wanted to break down crying. Every time he touched me, I just kept picturing them together. I couldn't block it out, no matter how hard I tried.

How long before it eventually stops consuming every thought while we are being intimate?

Lonelygirl10 posted 7/18/2013 09:12 AM

Right after I found out, I went through an odd phase where I wanted to have sex all the time to somehow prove that I was better than her. After about a week of that, I completely shut down. I couldn't have sex without feeling nauseous. The images of him constantly went through my head, and I cried afterward. The experience was so horrible that I avoided sex for a couple weeks.

It's been about 4 months now, and sex is better. It's no where close to being how it was before the affair. I can have sex with him, but for whatever reason I cannot do oral sex with him.

I think it just gets better as you start to develop feelings for him again.

SorrowBhindSmile posted 7/18/2013 09:28 AM

You are not alone. I am 7 months out...and while sex is better for me...there are still days i am overwhelmed with images and i break down.

For me, when i am having trouble during sex, i stop. My WH is very supportive and he holds me when i cry, we talk about exactly what is going on in my head and we work thru it together.

Another thing that has helped me tremendously during sex is to find out things they didnt do together. Doing things with my WH that i know he didnt do with her helps to keep the mind movies at bay and keep me focused on us rather than them.

Everyone has a different time frame as to when it gets better. I think a lot of it depends on your WS and how supportive, remorseful and committed they are to your healing. Dont push your feelings to WS about it and work thru it together.

hugs to you

Skan posted 7/18/2013 15:19 PM

At first, I couldn't even undress in front of him. When we finally had sex the first time, it was not good. It was barely adequate. But I sorta expected that. We both had a lot of emotion, hold-back, and I considered it a success that we actually managed to physically have sex. It took some time until we actually made love and it was good. Now, its great! Hang in there. The first few times you may have to just view it as sex and sort of get through it. (((hugs)))

brkn_heartd posted 7/18/2013 21:00 PM

I still struggle sometimes. However, I have found I struggle when we do it the "old" pre-A way. Most of the things I enjoyed, I hate now....I am sure he did them with her. I just cannot enjoy that any more. I trigger less during sex if it is spontaneous and not our "typical" know the "usual moves".

Time helps, but don't do something you hate either.

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