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Not sure why I'm still here?

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Crushed18 posted 7/18/2013 17:28 PM

On DD 6/8/13 my WS admitted to several ONS w/women in different cities, a LT EA/PA with a woman he met thru work and to having an online profile for chatting and meeting women. He also admitted to going to clubs for dancing and picking up women when he travels for work. THIS latest revelation comes 3 years after I've dealt with a porn habit, online chatting for 18 mos and him taking a woman out to lunch during a business trip. HE says he wants our marriage and family. I don't know why? He took the steps to end the A and let his AP know. He deleted her info and has had no contact with her. He also contacted our pastor for help and to hold him accountable. We have begun counseling with the pastor. He is saying, doing and making an effort to show he is sincere, but I'm SO betrayed right now, I'm scared to ever trust him again.
HE has neglected me pretty bad the past 5 years. He was at times mean, emotionally unavailable and withdrawn. Despite me expressing I wanted us to do things together and letting him know I wanted to be with him...he didn't respond for very long. I would ask was he involved with someone else and he would always say, "no". WHY am I here? WHY am I even considering staying married to someone I totally can't trust? We have 3 children and I have been a SAHM mom for several years. I don't have an income to leave right now. I know if I did, I would not be here. I think I'm weak and weary right now...really don't know.

sri624 posted 7/19/2013 00:14 AM

hugs to you...i know how hard this is. i think your question is one that a lot of us ask ourselves every single day. i know i do. your discovery of his double life is very recent....and i think it is really like a shock phase. i know i was in shock...complete shock when i first learned of my h cheating. then the false r for 9 months...and then the discovery of his secret life...pretty much the same as what you mentioned your husband did...see siggy below. it is just devastating. but one of the things i have learned is that everything doesnt have to be decided today...not even next week. right now, it is about taking care of yourself, and your healing.

are you seeing an ic...they can be very helpful.
is your husband remorseful and doing everything in the healing library? that doesnt make the pain go away, but it makes a real attempt at r a possibility.

hang in there...we are all here for you.

smoke fire posted 7/19/2013 02:20 AM

You are still here because your spouse has changed the marriage on you and you weren't prepared for it. You are dependent on your spouse and it's a scary thing to contemplate leaving, never mind actually go through with leaving.

Take care of you and start thinking about making some changes for yourself and your kids. Maybe take some classes so you can try to get back into the working world. When you can take care of yourself financially, you won't be so scared.

And you are not weak! You might be weary, but you are not weak. You will get through this and no matter what happens with your marriage, you are going to be okay. The early days are really, really hard and you just found out, so you are going through the really hard part right now. It does get easier and for some people it gets better and some work out their marriages. Ultimately, you are the one who gets to decide what happens with your marriage.


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