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I'm getting cabin fever - being sick rant

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hurtbs posted 7/21/2013 19:15 PM

So after my recent move, I got mono. This blows. It's a 'minor' case in that I haven't been bed ridden, but I still get nightly fevers and really tired.
I pushed myself a little too hard or just had more bad luck and I got a secondary staph infection in my eyes.

At most, I've been getting out 2-3 hours a day. Maybe 4. Then I tend to lay about on the couch feeling bleh.... I sleep about 10-12 hours a night.

I am soooo fucking tired of being sick and tired! It's been 3 weeks! I want to go out and explore my new town. I want to get back on my fitness regieme. I want to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

I also just broke up with boyfriend (due to the move) and so this makes me just sit around and dwell.


Oh, and because of the stupid staph infection I can't put eye makeup on for a week or wear contact lenses for a week - and my eyes are all photosensitive!!

I hate life!

Also, this isn't a bad enough case of mono that I'm losing weight. I'm just losing muscle tone. I hate that! I should have at least been able to drop 10 lbs!!

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 7/21/2013 20:16 PM


When I had mono, it felt like I had it forever! I hope yours decides to take a hike soon!

tushnurse posted 7/22/2013 09:18 AM

Take care of yourself, and do your best to be patient.
Mono is a bastard of a virus, and can really zap you of your strength. Rest, and more rest, and healthy eating and more rest.
That new town will be ther when you are feeling better.

((((and feel better soon)))

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