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3 x OWs blocked me on FB !

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AussieMum posted 7/22/2013 23:16 PM

All three of his OWs, including the one he's living with now, have blocked me on FB! Are they that threatened by me that they have to pretend I don't exist?

I often wonder what he's told them. A bunch of crap no doubt about what a crazy bitch I am. The 2nd OW threatened me with a restraining order when I found a text conversation between them. She said she'd tell the lawyer what an unstable person I am No doubt, fuelled by what WH told her (we don't know each other at all).

I know I shouldn't care but I find it a little amusing that they have all blocked the big, bad, meanie wife.

OW3 is now taking on a lot of parenting duties that WH has kindly dumped in her lap but obviously has no intention of having anything to do with the mother of those two kids. Ah, I'm sure I'll survive

SBB posted 7/23/2013 07:38 AM

Sometime soon what any of them do or what they say won't matter one little bit to you.

I blocked the sad clown and the OWs/suspected OWs a month or two after S. I don't want any of them to have a window into my life. Not even a FB one.

Would you honestly want anything to do with her? I certainly don't.

stupidgirlme posted 7/25/2013 03:56 AM

FB is a huge problem for me since that was how my turmoil got started. I know it's hard, but try to not let it bother you. Who really cares if they want to block you or not? I'd be happy, that way she can't see anything you post, either.

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