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Karma, karma, karma

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newnormal posted 7/23/2013 07:20 AM

Sometimes its the little things:

1. Our administrative assistant called me on the phone after waving hi in the cafeteria. She is one of the few who knows why D is imminent. She said she got so excited when she saw me that she almost yelled across the room: I looked so happy and 10 years younger. The frown line between my eyes was gone.

2. Now that the final papers are signed I've lost 10 pounds without trying.

And sometimes its the big things:
3. I read an article on headache prevention. One of those listed was sex. Then it hit me. X (1st X) is a SA. He is disabled due to headaches. He wasn't disabled while married to me, but became disabled in his current long term relationship. Hmmm, I wonder if poor little SA isnt getting as much now.

Life is good when you just get on with it!

dmari posted 7/23/2013 12:50 PM

That was soooo nice of your Administrative Assistant to not only notice the physical difference in you but to tell you!! And I think losing 10 pounds should be re-categorized under "And sometimes its the big things:"

You know what is nice about this karma story? The first two points (#1 and #2) were focused on YOU! Love it!!

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