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Phoenix1 posted 7/23/2013 20:59 PM

The unending lies never ceases to amaze me!

DD22 just called to tell me she just got off the phone with her grandma (POS's mother, and who he has been living with in another state). Her grandma just had her basement flood and everything is destroyed and has to be removed. Grandma is almost 90 and has difficulty walking. DD asked her if her dad was helping with the cleanout and she was told that he left some time last week (before the flooding) and she doesn't know when he will be back. DD is furious because she received a text from POS on Friday after she inquired if there were any problems because of all the rain. Her dad texted her and said the basement flooded and he was taking care of it, but that DD should wait a few days before talking to grandma about it because she is really upset! That mother-fucking POS LIED directly to DD about even being there! DD would have gotten some of her friends over there right away to help her grandma, but she was under the impression her father was there taking care of things. NOT!! So all this time, POS was not there and grandma has been dealing with this mess by herself with a few of her elderly neighbors that are going through the same thing. POS told DD not to call her grandma about it because he didn't want her to find out he wasn't even there!

Then DD calls me and tells me that she just got off the phone with her brother. Her brother told her that, "Oh yeah, dad has been in xxx state (MY state) picking up his truck and trailer for the past few days!" DS never said anything because he thought we already knew! NOT!

So, for the past few days POS has been in MY area, secretly, picking up his crap and is currently in the process of driving it back to his state. He lied to DD about his whereabouts, AND he never made any contact with either of his daughters to meet somewhere so he could say goodbye in person! What a fucking class act! (sarcasm) The mother fucker lies about being here and can't even be bothered to see his own fucking kids before he leaves the state possibly for good??? WTF is wrong with this man??? How can he do that to them?

On a karma bus note, POS apparently called DS on Sunday night (DS is still playing dumb and civil about knowing everything) because the trailer broke down in the middle of nowhere and he was asking DS for mechanic advise (DS is a mechanic in the military). I hope that fucking trailer rolls downhill right over the top of his sorry lying ass! I hope he has nothing but problem after problem on his several thousand mile drive back to mommy's house! I hope he falls into a giant sinkhole! I hope the karma bus locks him in its wheels and keeps on going!!!!

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Faithful w/Love posted 7/23/2013 21:16 PM

What a asshole!!!!
Sorry he is even an ass to his poor mom. What a selfish ass!

Phoenix1 posted 7/24/2013 00:43 AM

He used to joke around that he was the King Asshole, and I would jokingly agree with him. He wears that self-anointed crown proudly.

Guess what dickhead? It is not a joke nor is it funny anymore!!

Coraline posted 7/24/2013 01:57 AM


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