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Just sick

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eyenight posted 7/25/2013 02:00 AM

My old sitter is selling my sons belongs on a site on fb. I am just sick about it. I contacted the police and they are doing nothing.
Who the hell does that type of thing? Its a 4 year old stuff.
She wont give the belongs back unless I pay her for food my son ate and things she bought him.
She already agreed to give the stuff back when I fired her. Now this shit.
She wont give them back until I take her to court. I wont do cause the stuff isnt worth it, I can replace it, its the principle behind it.
I for one never asked her to buy my son things she did that on her own, I for one told her from day one, let me know if you need anything food for him and I will provide it, she never once told me she needed anything for him as food goes. You cant go back after the fact and say you need to pay me for all the food he ate when I watched him and the stuff i bought him.
Lets not even mention I let her use my car, bought her smokes, let her use my old cell phone and she didnt even pay the last bill. She never once filled the tank up to the mark when I let it to her, not to mention I already had to replace my tires that were bought 6 months ago. I am super pissed.
He beef is with me, my son is off limits. If I ever run into her on the street I will not be able to control what happens. I will go to jail. Its my son I am protecting and you dont do that to a 4 year old. Her parents must be so proud!

foreverempty posted 7/25/2013 02:49 AM

That is pretty twisted for sure.

Unfortunately I would make a guess that she is deriving a huge amount of personal satisfaction from the anger and frustration it is causing you.

If the items are replaceable, forget about her and move on. If she tries to provoke you further just ignore her. That will frustrate her more.

Block her from facebook don't just unfriend her, that way you can't look at her profile either and will not be able to let her deliberate attempts to wind you up any more.

Just give your son a kiss, a hug, take him down the park and forget she ever existed.

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