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Is this porn?

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Flatlined123 posted 7/25/2013 18:21 PM

So looked back at history on iPad and saw that there was about 20 views on women's undergarments. Anything from thongs to see thru bras. WTF?!

H was NOT looking at this stuff for me. I'm not even sure what to think of this. It was the equivalent to the SEARS catalog.

Bring on the opinions, because I'm stumped.

ArableSands posted 7/25/2013 18:23 PM

Maybe a better question for you to ask is, "Did he look at this to turn himself on?"

What qualifies as "porn" varies for people. Instead of dealing with the semantics, I would look to the outcomes. A japanese woman dressed in a schoolgirl outfit might be a huge turn on for some guys, but not for me, for example.

Flatlined123 posted 7/25/2013 18:44 PM

IDK. But you can bet we're oing to have a discussion about it tonight.

BFFGone posted 7/25/2013 18:50 PM

Do you two have a boundary written up for porn?
I would highly recommend it.
Our boundary list is REALLY long and written like a court document lol.
Our MC supports it being so detailed. You need one hundred percent confidence and safety with his actions, period.
If this makes you uncomfortable, it's porn. Period.

HardenMyHeart posted 7/25/2013 22:06 PM

Maybe he is a cross-dresser
I don't think this qualifies as porn.

Flatlined123 posted 7/26/2013 05:12 AM

We discussed the can and can nots when we decided to try R.

Porn was one of the things. My feeling is; if I have to police him, I can't trust him. If I can't trust him, I don't want him.

He knows that. I ended up falling asleep before he got in the house.

Guess this discussion has been postponed until tonight.

confused615 posted 7/26/2013 05:19 AM

I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it porn.

But let's look at it for what it found 20 views of women in panties/thongs and see thru bras. A see thru bra is different from a regular bra..of course..because it shows everything.

While it may not be shows an interest in looking at women who are barely dressed. Some wives are ok with that..some aren't..especially after an affair..and that is ok too. YMMV.

Was porn a "can not?" If so,then tell him how this makes you feel and see what he has to say.

It's not porn..IMO...but it does show an interest..and it is a slippery slope into actual porn.

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