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update on sil cancer

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authenticnow posted 7/26/2013 06:13 AM

Thank you for all the prayers for my SIL when I posted about her diagnosis of breast cancer back in November(?).

I just wanted to let you all know that she is DONE with her treatments and is doing well!

She had about 6 months of chemo and radiation after that. She had her last radiation treatment yesterday . She is going to have reconstructive surgery in about 6 weeks.

Her prognosis is excellent.

Thank you for all the SI love.

metamorphisis posted 7/26/2013 06:40 AM

That's wonderful AN!!

MovingUpward posted 7/26/2013 07:27 AM

I'm glad to hear that she is doing well. Continued mojo for a quick recovery.

itainteasy posted 7/26/2013 08:31 AM

That's great!

ajsmom posted 7/26/2013 08:32 AM

Awesome news!


Kajem posted 7/26/2013 08:32 AM

Sending healing prayers her way.

DeadMumWalking posted 7/26/2013 09:12 AM

This is really great to hear, I'm so happy for her (and you).

Hope it continues to go well, sending more positive thoughts and mojo!!

Faithful w/Love posted 7/26/2013 09:22 AM

Oh thank the good Lord!

jo2love posted 7/26/2013 10:16 AM

That is wonderful news!!! I'm so glad to hear this!

sisoon posted 7/26/2013 11:22 AM

That's great, great news!

Thanks for the update.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 7/26/2013 14:52 PM


Deeply Scared posted 7/26/2013 14:53 PM

Wonderful update!!!! Give yourself and your H a big hug from us!!

SoVerySadNow posted 7/26/2013 15:37 PM

Wonderful news!

click4it posted 7/26/2013 15:49 PM

What great news!

authenticnow posted 7/26/2013 20:04 PM

Thanks .

nowiknow23 posted 7/26/2013 21:06 PM

What fabulous news! Big celebratory hugs.

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