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time for good laughs

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eyenight posted 7/26/2013 18:30 PM

One of my really good guy pals that knew about the mess with the most resent guy (i think Ill call him key guy) Said to me monday. Im taking you out on friday if you are off for some laughs and a few drinks. Cause I miss you smiling and laughing. So I guess you could count it as a date.
he is right. I do need a few laughs and a few cold ones arent bad either.
He and I were talking and he said I have no idea why guys that you date do that too you. The really dont know what they had. They gave you up for something less. Its not you at all they are just not in your league and are trying to be they leave after they figure out you are to good for you and treat you like crap before hand to drop you down to their level. which my total sense.
I told my pal. Im not to broken up over it. It just numbed me. But I've learned to take what a guy says with a grain of salt, until I see action. I saw a little avtion with the house key, but the rest was talk. He might of gotten cold feet and freaked out cause hes not ready for that type of commitment which is fine. A conversation like thatwould of been the way to go.
Im rambling
I am going to have a good time with my pal. He and I do end up having a great time, I usually end up laughing so hard I almost pee my pants. That is what I really need. Go out have a good laugh forget about key man and move along. I want to go on a few dates this month. Nothing serious, just dating. A few guys have asked this week, so I guess I should tell them why not. It could end up being a friendship
Im not to worried this time about running into key man. I mean he lives right around the corner. I don't care and I am not going to alter my daily activities to avoid him. Frankly hes not home all that much and when he is home he doesnt come out for days until he leaves again. So oh well.

jo2love posted 7/27/2013 12:47 PM


better4me posted 7/27/2013 13:55 PM

Is really good guy pal in a relationship with someone else??? Just wondering

Opposite sex friends rock when you need a boost to the ego, or a male's perspective, hug etc. Mine moved to another city, is dating someone (I wasn't ever attracted to him that way) and I miss him...

So very much hope you laughed so very hard last night!

eyenight posted 7/27/2013 18:44 PM

It was a fun night and tons of laughs. I can talk to him about anything. He's told me I end up with idiots. I say not in the beginning but as time goes on they turn into that.
He said well they lost. You are gorgeous. Fun, funny, great personality, independent, wonderful mother, caring, loving, heart of gold, you bend over backwards for people to make them feel loved and cared for. They aren't good enough you you, you need someone as strong as you.
We did end up making fun of the exes. We had a few good jokes. I think I might of sprayed the bartender with my beer I was laughing so hard. All in all it was a good night.
On a serious note. He and I were talking. I said as a joke maybe we should be fwb. He said why not we have a strong friendship. We don't want to date eachother and just have some fun for a while. We came up with ground rules. If someone starts a relationship then fwb is over. We go back to just friends. If we don't want to do fwb we let the other one know. No overnights. If someone starts romantic feelings we need to have the talk. I don't have romantic feelings for him at all so it's just to scratch that itch every now and then. Plus he might be moving soon

persevere posted 7/27/2013 20:51 PM

I don't think a "true" guy friend would go there - and it seems like another opportunity to invite chaos you just don't need eyenight...JMVHO.

Glad you had fun though.

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