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Unagie posted 7/27/2013 12:51 PM

I think he has a new solid proof. I asked him if he's hiding something and he tells me no, he knows monogamy is still important to me. I burst into tears out of nowhere during training today. Please no timber I don't think I can handle it at the moment, if you feel it is absolutely necessary then fine. I'm just hurting, gut has been screaming and that sent me to finally break and check our phone bill after months of not looking. He has over 100 texts picture messages included to a number with a florida area code I've never seen before. One day he texted this person from 10am until 1am. I'm so fucking stuck, I don't want anymore pain when I am finally picking myself up.

lostmommy posted 7/27/2013 12:54 PM

(((unagie))) Sometimes you just have to listen to what your gut is telling you, no matter how much it hurts. I'm sorry you're going through it again.

LosferWords posted 7/27/2013 12:55 PM


No timber, just hugs.

DeadMumWalking posted 7/27/2013 12:59 PM


I'm so sorry you are hurting, the pain of it all is unbearable.

As for no solid proof: trust your gut.


Unagie posted 7/27/2013 13:05 PM

Who the fuck sends over 100 messages in one day. Seriously? Apparently I sent him 4 around this time and it shows he never responded to any of mine. I was asking if he was eating dinner out, if I should order food or wait for him. I was telling him about an issue I had with work. But he responded to this person. Seriously over 100 fucking messages in a day!?

still2suspicious posted 7/27/2013 13:09 PM

Sending hugs (((unagie)))

I am so so sorry for your pain

WoundedOpus posted 7/27/2013 13:49 PM


Seeing things in black and white on a call log are devastating. I remember adding up the minutes one month between FWH and MCOW (back before he texted). It was December. They talked for 40 HOURS. A lot of that was over a weeks vacation, 3 holidays and my birthday. I have no clue how he managed it, what lies he must have told me to get away and talk

What's sadder still is seeing my own number on there, lightly sprinkled through. Most calls lasting ONE minute where it was probably him leaving me a vmail, maybe a 2-3 minutes call or two.

I'm so so so sorry you're going through this again. Like you said, who the fuck sends over 100 messages in one day...only someone up to no good I'm afraid I'm so sorry he's causing you this pain.

seekingclarity posted 7/27/2013 13:49 PM

I am so very sorry you are suffering. Who sends that many text messages in a day? Why my STBXWH and the OW. Perhaps he and your husband are long lost cousins because Florida seems to be the place to find OW these days. It is horrible and painful and I am so so sorry that you are hurting. Try to take care of yourself.

Unagie posted 7/27/2013 14:08 PM

I'm laying on my bed because of my back pain with my desk pulled in front of me for training. He is napping next to me and I just want to yell in his ear, loud and shrill so it hurts. I won't I'm learning to bide my time.

meplusfour posted 7/27/2013 15:30 PM

Take care of yourself. My heart breaks for you.

Unagie posted 7/27/2013 17:15 PM

He is planning to go out again tonight, heard him mention the movies when he was on the phone with his BFF. This would be the third night in a row he is going out. My back is killing me, but you know his BFF's GF is out of town so he has to keep him company because he's lonely. Really he's lonely? I'm laid up in bed because of this fucking pain, on pain meds which I never take because I hate being on medications but it's okay to leave me alone. Thank you, every day you show me how much I actually meant to you.

Oh thanks you brought me some food from where you guys went!? Oh thanks you did my bag of laundry because you were going to do yours anyway!? (I actually do appreciate that one). When's the last time you talked to me, asked me if you could help me, showed interest in my life. My mom calls me everyday to make sure I'm okay, so does my BFF. My dad calls me every 2-3 days, my brother once a week. Everyone else in my life who I do not live with I feel cares for me more then this man. Add those fucking messages to it and I'm so fucking done. He's showing me what I mean to him, I think I need to start believing it. He wants me around and is capable of doing a kind act here or there for me, but actual commitment and relationship stuff...nada. I can't stop loving him, my heart breaks so much but I can't live like this I know this...I'm losing the person I want to be by allowing this to happen. Thank you for listening guys.

caregiver9000 posted 7/27/2013 17:19 PM


brokendancer7 posted 7/27/2013 17:24 PM

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I feel your pain in the pit of my stomach.

It's kind of like a monster in a horror movie - they finally kill it, but then all of a sudden it gets back up and keeps going.

Kajem posted 7/27/2013 18:00 PM


Deep breath....and again.

You will find a way thru this. You are stronger than you realize. We are here for you.



authenticnow posted 7/27/2013 19:43 PM


Unagie posted 7/27/2013 19:57 PM

Taking a pain med. Thankfully it knocks me out and gets rid of the pain simultaneously. I might get some real rest, probably not but here's to hoping. Today was shit. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Thanks for listening again...

JanaGreen posted 7/27/2013 23:49 PM

I am so sorry you are dealing with this on top of the back pain. Your head knows how to handle this. Your heart will catch up. Be gentle with yourself and heal. I hope you feel better soon.

sisoon posted 7/28/2013 14:13 PM


You deserve so much better!

HeartInADustpan posted 7/28/2013 14:46 PM

So sorry you're having to deal with this, Unagie. Go with your gut.


Hang in there.

Spideysense posted 7/29/2013 07:54 AM

So sorry that you are dealing with this..again.
You are much stronger than i would be, biding your time, not screaming in his ear while he naps next to you (I would).
No advice-just sending good thoughts your way.

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