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OW has had "the" baby.

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melamber posted 7/29/2013 07:44 AM

Don't really want to go into back story much ,but feel free to read my profile.
WH had EA with co-worker, who was also in a relationship.
WH has not had contact with her since.I have no doubt in this.
3MTHS after D-day OW announced she was pregnant.
I then decided to believe WH didn't do any more than kissing. He told me she announced her pregnancy early.
The OW story as I know it....
OW had been in her relationship with her fiancée for 12yrs, trying for a baby for 10.
She accused him of rape to my WH in the June(2012) and they started an EA.
WH told me about EA (AFTER MTHS OF HELL) in October.
She announced her Pregnancy end Jan (2013).
Ended her relationship with fiancée in February(told work colleagues due to him not wanting the child)
She then started a new relationship in March, with another work colleague.
So I made a decision to believe my WH and we've been on the roller-coaster of moving forward since.
I also decided not to contact OW, as I didn't want her to have that power, no matter what.
Then found out this Friday she had had "the " baby.
Do the Maths!!!
He still adamant that "the" baby isn't his.He now tells me he asked a work colleague about her(to get information so he could"reassure" me), (great),
who told him she had the baby was 6 wks early, due to poor growth.
Baby only 3lbs and has to stay in hospital for 6 wks.
My a wreak!!!
I'm waiting for a call from my mate(she knows a friend who is friends with OW sister, who will discreetly find out the dates)
This call holds cards to which way this relationship goes.
Oh and then I will make sure the whole "world" know what a they BOTH are!!!

kiki1 posted 7/29/2013 08:05 AM


I'm sorry melamber. I can imagine the pain you are in.

The truth will come out in the end and you will know what direction you will need to move in.

So many men, she probably doesnt even know who the father is.

A DNA test will take care of that.

I'm sorry, i hope your h is telling you the truth.

sending you strength

wanttogoforward posted 7/29/2013 08:56 AM

I honestly hope this baby is not his... an OC changes soooo much... have you checked out the threads on OC?

Get that DNA test asap so you know the 100% truth- a DNA test does not lie...

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