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roughroadahead posted 7/30/2013 20:56 PM

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, Waffle is a blithering idiot. We had the parenting pre-trial today. Waffle goes in asking for a 5-2-2, so he gets every wed and thu overnight as well as EOW. That's exaclty what MOW (DOW?) has, so he wants their parenting time to line up exactly. God forbid the kids get in the way of OW time. Her kids are pre-teens, and he is attempting to apply this madness to autistic (ie change-loathing) preschoolers. Selfish dick.

We are at an impasse, awaiting a mediation appointment. We have been furiously texting back and forth in an attempt to resolve it without paying more money, and I got him to drop the 5-2-2. It turns out that his work schedule would not permit him to pick the kids up from school every Wed as proposed anyway. Because he seriously didn't think of that before walking into court with that stupid plan. I refuse to allow my children to live out of a suitcase like nomads.

I sometimes wonder if the greatest tragedy to afflict my children is not a neurodevelopmental disorder, but having that man for a father!

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JensSux posted 7/30/2013 23:30 PM

Fight now for what is best for your kids. These wandering spouses just really need to take a look at their lives and get a reality check. I have many close friends with autistic children and a 5-2-2 is definitely too much change.

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