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Question about out of pocket expenses

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peridot posted 7/30/2013 22:38 PM

My XH is supposed to pay a portion of the kids out of pocket medical expenses. He's also supposed to keep his address current so I know where to send them.

I have no idea where he lives nor do I have a phone number for him. He doesn't respond to emails. I found him on Facebook, sent a message to him and now I am blocked.

I have his parents phone number and address. He supposedly lives there but I have confirmation that he doesn't actually live there now. He hasn't for a while.

I have been sending him copies of the receipts for the medical expenses to his parents house, certified mail of course. I even add restricted delivery so he is forced to sign for the letters.

The letters end up back at the post office and he never picks them up. Then they come back to me.

Should I keep sending these to his parents house knowing he is never going to pay them and he is never going to get them?

Nature_Girl posted 7/30/2013 22:54 PM

If you have a judgment stating he has to pay, then can you get a court date and petition the court to, I dunno, force him to pay up? Or something? You have all the documentation to show you're trying, right? Would this be something for the department that collects for child support?

caregiver9000 posted 7/30/2013 23:04 PM

First of all, what a DOUCHE!

You pay for certified mail right? I would stop doing that. I would mail a copy to his parents and if they throw it away.... NOT your problem.

I would also send an electronic copy via the email address that you had.

If he thinks that ignoring your email, changing his address and acting like a fucking ostrich keeps him from being responsible for his court ordered half of expenses, then when it got to be $1000 I would take his ass to court for contempt, his half of expenses and court costs, including your L.

(((hugs))) to you for having to deal with an idiot loser.

peridot posted 7/30/2013 23:57 PM

I have enough documentation. He hasn't paid so much as a penny in over 5 years. It's well over a $1000.

Think what I might do is send him one more certified letter to his parents house. Say something about him not living there in a letter and inform him from now on that I will be emailing him all out of pocket expenses.

If he ignores the letter than that's his problem.

Catwoman posted 7/31/2013 04:24 AM

After 5 years, just file. Seriously, if he hasn't stepped up after 5 years, he's likely not to do so now.

File for court costs and attorney fees also. In many divorce decrees, there is language in there that outlines that the party found in contempt (and he will be found in contempt) pays all attorney fees (including yours) and court costs.

I would also include the address issue in the motion because that, too, is contempt.

I am somewhat of an expert in complaints for contempt--I have had to file 4 in less than 6 years.


cmego posted 7/31/2013 05:49 AM

Yup...get your lawyer involved. That is ridiculous.

hoya96 posted 7/31/2013 10:46 AM

I have a friend whose ex husband refused to respond to the receipts she gave him for out of pocket medical expenses, and she just sent it to the state child support office with copies of the receipts and dates of when she sent them. They garnished his wages for his 50% of the expenses in addition to his child support. She didn't even have to pay for a lawyer to get involved.

Good luck!

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peridot posted 7/31/2013 12:04 PM

I'm going to see if my state will do that with the out of pocket expenses. I know they will garnish for ongoing medical.

That may be the way to go if it won't cost anything.

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