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Mega Double Feature Nightmare About X

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FaithFool posted 7/31/2013 12:11 PM

I have the most bizarre dreams in the early dawn hours. Today I work late so had snooze time.

Around 5:00 am had an extremely vivid and complicated dream that x had shown up on the doorstep of my mansion apartment and moved all his shit into my living room. Mattresses, suitcases, road cases full of tools, bags of dirty laundry, the full Monty.

He was in my kitchen turfing out my drawers and cupboards and filling a small shelf over the sink with cheesy trinkets and a collection of antique shot glasses.

Of course I was slightly upset and somewhat bewildered...

Then he ran off to do an errand and I saw him out in the garden talking to my landlady while filming a particularly beautiful flower with an elaborate video camera rig, somewhat like the kind pro newsgatherers use.

Then he was off in a beat up old van to get more stuff.

I woke up and went WHEW! THAT dream again... went back to sleep and then there was PART II!

He was back in the kitchen, I was washing up and he told me he had married a Muslim woman with a kid who lived in England and he was moving to London.

That really got me upset because just the previous week (in the dream) he'd been practically begging me not to ever move out of town because things just wouldn't be the same if he knew I wasn't around. (He has said this before IRL).

But what was foremost in the conversation was going over who had slept with more people in our lives. He was quite cocky and insisted that I was no angel having had a sex life prior to marrying him. Hello! Body count much? He would win that contest hands down...

That really made me mad.... but then we lapsed into a discussion about how great the pizza was going to be in London and I was jealous about that.

WTF, it's not Rome, but it's a dream so roll with me here...

So I told him get your stuff outta here by tonight, you're not staying here. And woke up.


That one's going to stay with me for awhile.

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nowiknow23 posted 7/31/2013 19:40 PM

Ok, I have to ask - what are you eating/drinking/smoking before you go to bed? Whatever it is, STOP IT!!!


gma56 posted 7/31/2013 19:50 PM

So you think he's been thinking of moving in with ya ?

The Lord has blessed me by never dreaming of FT !

nomistakeaboutit posted 7/31/2013 21:31 PM

Symbolism possibilities:

Trinkets: the women he slept with over the years

Shot glasses: the drinking associated with his many affairs

Putting them on your shelf without your permission: he forced the affairs onto your marriage the same way....without your permission.

The beautiful flower: You

His filming the flower: he knows he can't have it, so he's capturing it on

The pizza: you're getting hungry! Time for breakfast.

--------------------------/-----/--///----------- your profile. I'm glad things are going so much better in your life now.

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FaithFool posted 7/31/2013 23:41 PM


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FaithFool posted 7/31/2013 23:41 PM

Wow ^^^^ nomistake you nailed it!

@ NIK, just a glass of sangria, that is all. I stopped taking melatonin awhile ago, that shit makes you dream in Kodachrome.


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