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Today is my antiversary

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Survivor3512 posted 7/31/2013 13:58 PM

I would have been married 14 years today. This is my first antiversary since the separation and divorce. I have made it almost a year. And I am amazed at how far I have come!

Today has not been as hard as I thought it might. Tonight my girlfriends are coming over for dinner and drinks. I'm excited to see them!

This time last year, I was still with wxh and blind to his affair. I was also miserable and walking on eggshells all the time. I am so much happier now than I was then.

I owe a huge thanks to this site. You all have helped me tremendously this past year. I am looking forward to see where I will be next year!

lostmommy posted 7/31/2013 14:44 PM

Happy Antiversary to you!

gma56 posted 7/31/2013 17:49 PM

Sounds as if it will be a good day with help from friends.

One year can make such a difference.


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better4me posted 7/31/2013 21:57 PM

Happy antiversary. You've come a long way Baby!! Hope you had a wonderful time with your girlfriends!!

nowiknow23 posted 8/2/2013 10:21 AM

Yay you! Have a fabulous time tonight with your friends.

Survivor3512 posted 8/2/2013 10:53 AM

I had a really good antiversary! I didn't really think about it much at all. It was fabulous!!! And I had a wonderful night with my friends. :)

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