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DId Anyone Change Their Appearance after Dday?

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libertyrocks posted 7/31/2013 16:24 PM

Just curious if anyone did anything out of the ordinary after Dday(s) to reclaim themselves...(boob job, different clothes, hair, tatts, piercings, new hobbies or interests). It's interesting to me that I'm actually discovering who I am and not (blank's) wife anymore...I seriously lived for him and now I'm starting to live for myself with help of IC/MC. It's been a strange journey for me so far.

ArableSands posted 7/31/2013 16:26 PM

Nothing unordinary. I AM working out much harder than I had been, to help get the anger out, so I'm going to be positively ripped by this winter.

Which is okay. It'd be nice to have my six-pack back again, even if it's not quite as cut. A soft six-pack, so to speak.

TxsT posted 7/31/2013 16:26 PM

I grew my hair out but I am not sure it was because of Dday. We now live in a much colder climate. I have started buffing up my wardrobe though and I want to look nice when my husband comes home from work. Just my little way of saying "hey, you are special to me"

OldCow18 posted 7/31/2013 16:27 PM

Well, nothing major but I splurged on a Keratin treatment for my hair the following week. I had wanted one for over 2 years but since I always put myself last thinking the money would be better spent on the kids or the house, blah blah blah. Took me 2 days to say eff it and make the appointment

jellybean22 posted 7/31/2013 16:28 PM

I rolled with the 8 pounds I lost at the start and started running, lifting, and eating cleaner. I'm down 32 now... And still counting. The 180 and facing my self esteem issues in MC helped.

rachelc posted 7/31/2013 16:30 PM

my BS gained 20 lbs of muscle, took a picture of Brad Pitt into his barber and said, "make me look like this." He did.

Dallas2 posted 7/31/2013 16:32 PM

I bought new skin care. Cut my hair, he told me hers was longer. Of course lost weight. Bought some new cloathes. I did lots of little things. I had already moved out so I didn't have to do that.

Lostinthismess posted 7/31/2013 16:38 PM

Got a tan to go with the nearly 20lbs I lost... Met with a plastic surgeon for a boob job, haven't done it yet though. That's something I always said I was going to do as soon as I was done having babies. Most definitely done!! Some new clothes....

My life before was being his wife. I took pride in doing everything I could for him. His A was a major slap in the face, all that shit was for nothing. So I pretty much stopped lol.

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FeelingSoMuch posted 7/31/2013 16:40 PM

Immediately after d-day I didn't take very good care of myself. I stopped eating, going to the gym, etc.

That lasted about a month.

I'm kinda vain so as soon as I had enough energy I returned to taking care of my physical appearance.

I had always spent more money on my WW when it came to clothes, so I bought myself a new suit, some new shirts and some accessories that I had been wanting to buy for a long time and didn't feel guilty for spending the money.

Loyalty2Liberty posted 7/31/2013 16:51 PM

My own mother wouldn't even recognize me.

lostsoul214 posted 7/31/2013 16:55 PM

I got a different haircut. I shaved my mustache. I bought new clothes. I've already lost between 25-30 pounds. I go to the gym 2 twice a day 5 times a week. This has been all in 1 month.

1yearago posted 7/31/2013 17:22 PM

Well my WS was dating a stripper who was 20 years younger and had an amazing body. I started working out 6 days a week and gave up carbs and fats. I also highlighted my hair and upgraded my wardrobe. Although part of me feels I look great now, why did I do it, was I trying to look like her? Do I think I was unlovable the way I looked? Trust me I am 51 and there is no way I am totally going to fight aging. But will I ever be happy with the way I look or always think I will never look like her no matter how hard I try

RidingHealingRd posted 7/31/2013 17:30 PM

I seriously lived for him

I never did this ^^^ ~ I seriously lived for my children though

Change anything? Not a thing. I am fine with who I am, I just hate who my WH became....he needed to do ALL the changing, not me.

DoneWithLove posted 7/31/2013 17:32 PM

I did right away. I spent the weekend with my sister and mom after D day. My mom bought me a new, sexy outfit and colored my hair, it was blonde, my FWHs pick, but im a natural dk brunette. So I took it to a nice deep red, he hates red heads. Lol After I took him back he took me to get my hair colored and highlighted and bought me an outfit, by himself, while waiting for my hair to get done. Since his A, if I don't pick something out, then he will and its usually something I wouldnt wear before but it does give me confidence boost. I think its good to be a little selfish after unwillingly being thrown into something negative that someone else created. Im still finding myself, after almost 7 years, 2 kids and a hard life, I have lost myself in sacrificing everything to care for everyone else before myself. We BSs deserve to be able to find what we're interested in now, our evolution has been stunted by everyone else evolving at our expense. Your the only one who will ever truly care for you so take advantage of any opertunities you get to be spoiled, you never know when youll get another chance to be happy. Good luck

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RightTrack posted 7/31/2013 18:12 PM

I lost 20 pounds after Dday, shock/not being able to eat. I "rolled with it" (as stated above) and lost 60 pounds. Of course then I had to buy all new clothes. It's been over a year and I've kept the weight off. I feel 100% better, go to the gym 5x a week and can now do pull-ups!

SmallButStrong posted 7/31/2013 18:20 PM

I bleached my hair blonde - something I've always wanted to do. I've been considering a nose piercing, which is a total rebel move. Lost 10 lbs in the first 6 weeks and have only gained 4 back. My style is totally different and much funkier. I feel more myself than ever! Like you, I'm discovering myself and creating my new identity independent from him.

FYI - I also had a photographer friend do a "taking back my sexuality" photo shoot for me. I used lots of props in the shoot that represented the A, had a makeup artist do me up sexy, and they came out FIERCE! It's my own photographic journal of this journey. I highly recommend it! You will look at them and go, WOW - that's ME!? I'm HOT! It's sort of like revenge without having to cause any more damage.

1devastedmom posted 7/31/2013 18:39 PM

I did all the things I wanted to do that I didn't think we could afford because I figured if he could afford hookers than I can buy panties without holes in them and get my hair done. I seriously had gone a year without spending money on myself because I thought we were broke! My kids would be afraid to ask for things. Pisses me off so bad thinking about it. He doesn't dare complain about anything I buy.

cantaccept posted 7/31/2013 20:23 PM

Lost 50+ pounds! 40 in the first 2 months and still dropping.

Was wearing this awful huge knee brace for 2 years, hated it, but the pain was awful.

couldn't walk around the block. That is why I gained weight.

The anger and pain after dday was so intense I could not eat or sleep. I got it out by using the elliptical. The physical pain was easier to take than the mental.

I worked out well though, no brace, yesterday I ran!!!

So happy about this, I feel like I have my body back, my physical strength.

Down to a size 7, same as high school.

Lots of new clothes, I could fit and extra person in the old.

letitout posted 7/31/2013 20:29 PM

I was a blubbering idiot when I found out and did everything for him. He was seeing prostitutes 40 years younger than him, so I went and bought teen clothes to look sexy, got an evual for boob job, cut my hair and highlighted it funky. Was putting on makeup 1 hour before he got home from work just to take it off 1 hr later. All to look like them! Why did I do this? He is the one who had the frekin A's.

I have now regained my sanity and now doing things for me. I have purchased nice age appropriate clothes, no boob job thank you, I love my small ones. Back to sweats because they are comfy. And going for the natural look with min makeup. I love the new me. Still keeping my hair though, it's cool.

Schilling posted 7/31/2013 20:34 PM

The first couple of DDays I got tattoos, I have two fairly large ones that I LOVE dearly. My partner doesn't like tattoos.

Another DDay I lost a bunch of weight.

This past Dday, I gained a BUNCH of weight.

I once coloured my hair red, but I think that was more so due to the death of my mom.. though the DDay after she passed I dyed it BRIGHT RED, because I knew he'd hate it

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