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fWH is getting rid of his truck because of Tt

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DoneWithLove posted 7/31/2013 18:16 PM

As crappy as it is, I love that truck but I cant let him keep his A vehicle. It pisses me off because since his A, I have asked him several times if he had that OW in our truck and he kept telling me that he didn't. Yesterday, I found out that he not only had her in the truck but they messed around in it and he took her on dates in it. The truck is as good as gone, he still ows on it, but its gone. Im getting a Yukon and he gets our other vehicle. Im very happy with that, especially since before, he wanted to get rid of my car and keep his A vehicle. Its a win win for me but I deserve it, especially after what ive sacrificed for him to accomplish what he has. Now its my turn and im going to use this new found info to my advantage. I know I dont need him but I could sure use the help and support when I go back to school.

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TxsT posted 7/31/2013 18:34 PM

Done...the spouse of my hubby's OW has the same problem with her truck. I guess that, when they weren't rendezvousing over seas on business they would use her truck to screw around in. He has explained to me he wants to take a bat to the truck every morning when he thinks of what they did in it. I don't blame him one bit


authenticnow posted 7/31/2013 19:08 PM


Please follow the Reconciliation Forum guidelines. There is no OP namecalling in this forum.

Thank you.

DoneWithLove posted 7/31/2013 19:48 PM

Ok, sorry.

meplusfour posted 7/31/2013 19:57 PM

My fWH traded in his truck for a new truck three weeks ago because the truck was a major trigger for me. The truck was a constant reminder that fWH would pick up the OW in his truck and then either go to her home or engage in oral sex in the truck. Frankly, fWH is lucky that the truck still existed as I had vivid fantasies of torching it.

cantaccept posted 7/31/2013 20:38 PM

I hate h's truck and phone.

Wish we could afford to get rid of both!

He had her in his truck for dates. I hate to sit in it. I always feel nauseated and stressed.

I want to smash his phone with a hammer. I view it as the instrument of my pain.

Then the list is just so long I might as well just burn down the house!

Schilling posted 7/31/2013 20:45 PM


That is how i feel about my Wbf's phone and car. gah.

JustWow posted 7/31/2013 20:49 PM

BTDT. Donated the thing to charity. Went to a worthy cause

DoneWithLove posted 7/31/2013 20:55 PM

We are trying to move and get new phones too... Hopefully before december. I wish we had the money to do everything all at once, I would blow his stuff to smithereens, but if he wants to stay M to me, he will do it asap. He agrees too, saying that im always right so its best for him to comply. Thank you and Good luck

RightTrack posted 8/1/2013 00:12 AM

WH sold his stupid truck that he drove OW around in. I remember him taking the kids' car seats out of it so he could pick up his "(LEO) partner on the way to business trips". I bought a cute little BMW with the money.

DoneWithLove posted 8/1/2013 01:19 AM

Im hoping we can use it towards a new vehicle, if not, pushing it over a cliff is fine too. Im taking all of mine and my kids things out of it asap tomorrow. No more games, especially TT.

sunshine226 posted 8/1/2013 06:28 AM

I too want WH to get rid of the A vehicle if he ever came back.

And reading through these posts, I want him to trade it in in the city she lives, not here so that I never have the chance of seeing it all the time, and hopeful she will

But he is still with the OW so it doesnt matter, but it would be one of the conditions I would have had for R!!!!

Anything that reminded me or him of OW, would have to go!

rachelc posted 8/1/2013 06:34 AM

It was a request of mine for recovery and it took him 5 months and 1 day to sell it because "he didn't know what he wanted." I almost took a baseball bat to it several times. I seriously considered taking my set of the keys and selling it myself, and buying him the Batmobile and just parking it at his office and handing him the keys to his new car.

He claimed she wasn't in there with him but VAR said she was, and I heard them making out.

TxsT posted 8/1/2013 09:50 AM


Please forgive me but I have to tell you your post made me smile. You go girl!


DoneWithLove posted 8/1/2013 16:59 PM

He admitted he had her in the AV, I told him I wanted him to get rid of it, preferably putting it towards a new vehicle for me, and so we are going tomorrow to see if we can do a trade in. The new vehicle will be mine and will be decked out to my liking. I told him that I feel spoiled, he said I aint seen nothing yet so I asked him what the limit is and he said being homeless. I know that'll never happend because of me. Thank you and Good luck

2married2quit posted 8/1/2013 17:33 PM

I would love for my FWW to get rid of her phone and car. Both make me SICK and trigger me. Can't afford it.

Knowing posted 8/1/2013 17:45 PM

fWH used my car to go spend a week alone with COW. He cleaned it all up before he left. He let her drive it. I raged some when I found out but I'm over it now. It's not about her, she could have been anyone. I still like my car a lot.

BeyondBreaking posted 8/1/2013 18:00 PM

I refused to ride in DD's dad's truck when I found out about all that was going on in there. It broke down a few months after we broke up, and I couldn't have been happier. I didn't want my child riding in there.

One more step towards healing. May you love your affair-free vehicles!!!

DoneWithLove posted 8/1/2013 18:05 PM

I like this truck alot but its kind of become a turd anyways so im looking forward to getting a new well desurved vehicle. And ive never been attached any one vehicle so as long as it runs good and is big enough, im happy... Shiny is just a plus! Thank you and Good luck

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DoneWithLove posted 8/3/2013 18:04 PM

My FWH told me that he told his atl about getting rid of his truck/ AV because of Hs A. His atl asked him if it was worth it! I cant believe someone who has never been cheated on, but flirts with female coworkers, would even have to ask if its worth it. Of course its worth it, if he wants to have a future with me, its well worth it. H told him that if I wanted him to give it away he would but I guess his atl thinks its not fair or something. Is there any wonder why none of my Hs coworkers had a problem with him having an A. I swear, if I ever own my own business, flirting, pda and any other sexual contact or demeanor will not be tolerated, unless the two are already married. I think that should be a national standard.

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