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Pissed and venting!

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Housefulloflove posted 7/31/2013 22:07 PM

I'm having a "Lord, WHY is he still breathing!!"...kind of day.

At this point I hate ALL communication with "Mr. Good Guy" but because of our kids I can't erase him from my life entirely, change my number and move to an undisclosed location like I'd LOVE to. Mr. GG loves to do good-guy things on the surface and live like the devil-incarnate behind the scenes. He is an idiot and because he is an idiot I keep finding out all this stupid shit he's doing, particularly with money.

So I get a text this morning that his weekly (and only for the summer) overnights is going to need to be shortened or cancelled this week because of his lack of funds. Next week will likely be cancelled for the same reason as he *just* got paid and won't be paid again for 2 weeks. However (again because he's an idiot), I know that he blew quite a bit of money doing something incredibly stupid. I can't even write it here it's frustratingly DUMB and he'd be better off lighting hundred dollar bills on fire! He doesn't know I know, and confronting him would make zero difference other than giving him a reason to feel like some kind of victim who is being spied on (and I'm not spying at all, no digging required because what he is doing is being done out in the open although he might be too dumb to realize it).I said nothing in response and will not say a thing about what I know to usual.

He has already blown over $3000 in the last 2 months on this even though he is DEAD broke and the little bit of cash he could have spent on the kids he threw away. He did not even have this much in cash and almost all of that wasted money was in the form of he'll be paying for that and all the rest of his recent poor decisions for MANY years to come!

He makes me sick! Why not spend that money to be with the kids and treat them to a fun summer?! I don't have much money right now but the little I can spare I spend on making this summer a little brighter for them. They lost SO FUCKING MUCH since the beginning of the year. Our family unit is gone, the house they grew to love and thought we would be in for many years to come is GONE. They have had to deal with a lot and because of their ages they have had to do it without a real good explanation of why.

At least if he was a fucking Disney Dad the kids would have a good time with his wasted money. But no...he's so pathetic he is a boring ass dad who blows money on a figment of his imagination. My girls hate going over there because they don't do anything fun and the only reason my son enjoys part of his time there is because he mostly plays video games but he still complains of being bored and his daddy sleeping until mid-afternoon! Let's just say NO ONE is disappointed by the change in plans.

Mr. Good Guy so far makes sure that he pays CS and SS on time despite flushing everything he has left down the toilet. For that I am VERY thankful! But no matter what kind of stupid excuse he comes up with I know the TRUTH and I hate hearing his bullshit and having to ignore it because talking to him is like talking to the wall and expecting it to change colors.

::::Deep breath:: I just needed to get that out somewhere. I know his poor decisions are now his problem but because of our kids they at least partially my problem as well. Especially since it has already gotten to the point where he is robbing Peter to pay Paul. When we separated he wasn't in a bad place financially at all. And it's only been 6 freaking months!! It feels like it's only a matter a time before the excuses are about why Mr. Good Guy is now Mr. Dead Beat.

Titanium posted 7/31/2013 23:29 PM

I hear ya housefull,

Everything we have over the past 24 years is because i held it together, not him, financially while i put up with the emotional abuse from NPD WH.

SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS because our house has been on the market for 2 months after not being able to pay mortgage for 6. Joins a bikie gang for his grandiosa fix, gets stabbed in the back, loses his job.

60,000 of company debt put on the mortgage thanks to my kind heart.

Breaks NC with OW still lies, cheats, lazy, irresponsible, belittling, no empathy, no "what needx to be oaud honey" did not give a shit.

I had had enough. Ended the marriage based on no remorse, not trying, not doing a damn thing and all he could say was that he did nothing wrong. Comes around a few days after i booted him saying he is upset and lonely and he was having a good day the day i booted him out and that i ruined it.

Gotta love the projection, blameshifting and all the narc behaviour. I am now left with no job, no money, he doesn't give me a cent now that he has a job again, trying to keep the house looking special so someone will buy it before the bank takes it and an autistic son who cannot process what the hell is going on.

At least he doesnt witness the physical violence that had recently started anymore.

They are a piece of work hey? The blood sucking freak now resides in a waterfront fully furnished apartment with famous OW that he sniffed out a week after i sent his upset, lonely arse a packin..........

So hard to get your head around, but they are empty shells. Sad, pathetic, useless piecesnof shit in my book to just disguard their families this way.

Boils on the buttnof humanity and i truly, deeply believe in karma!!!!!!!!

Be strong. Focus on all the crap that you dont have inside the 4 walls where you live.......take comfortnin knowing you are lovable and he is not.

You will have a much happier and brighter future and he NEVER EVER will.


Look toward the sun and your shadows will always fall behind you.

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