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Rough day

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Rainbows posted 8/1/2013 15:07 PM

Been working on S agreement with WH. He's bipolar and his mood has been pretty stable over the past couple of weeks, so we've been working on an amicable S. We went around the house earlier in the week and made a list of things that I'm going to take when I move. He was generous and sweet about everything. It's been nice to get along with him again because he is kind and generous when he's stable.

Anyway, I could tell his mood was starting to flip yesterday morning. He has his 30th reunion this weekend and big social events always cause him anxiety triggering the mania. I tried to get him off the ledge, but it didn't work and he blew up last night.

When he stabilized a couple of weeks ago, we made a deal to slow down the legal train until after I move out, but at 3 a.m. this morning, he fired off all kinds of crazy letters and emails to my lawyer backtracking and making legal threats.

Here we are now, back at legal warfare. I still haven't dealt with the PTSD from the last legal drama (he filed a bogus restraining order to throw me out so he could date OW after dday).

Just had to vent because I'm sitting at work starting to melt down. I really hate legal drama and messes and don't understand why we can't part ways peacefully.

He doesn't want to be with me and I don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with me. So clearly we're on the same page.

caregiver9000 posted 8/1/2013 16:10 PM


Sorry it is a rough day. They call it the roller coaster for a reason. I am guessing the bipolar version of the ride is its own special brand of hell.

(((more hugs)))

Rainbows posted 8/1/2013 21:06 PM

Thanks Caregiver.

Getting a little better. I'm early in the process and already tired of the ride.

LadyQ posted 8/1/2013 21:37 PM

I hear ya on the rough day. Hang in there, rainbows

missmydogs posted 8/1/2013 21:41 PM


caregiver9000 posted 8/1/2013 21:43 PM

I am going to predict that you are going to be okay sooner rather than later. You have a user name and a tagline that say you believe it too.


Rough days show you are human. You'll get there.

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