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had a wtf moment at work

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Clarrissa posted 8/1/2013 17:29 PM

A bit of background: I've been at my job closing in on 19 years total. Been a line lead about 12. Been at my current station for just over 4. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.

Anyway, there's an employee whose station is right by mine and she seems to think I have little to no clue about what I'm doing. Since I went back to work after my 9 week forced vacation (for surgery) in April, this employee has given me three WTF moments.

The first was when I was changing the ribbon on my machine. She comes over to tell me how to do it (excuse me, *I* trained *her*).

Second, she jumps in to tell someone on *my* line how to pack a particular part (I've packed literally 1000s of these parts and figured out the best way to get them in the box without deforming it).

And number 3 today. I have skids of boxes that I use frequently set up by my line. However, there was one skid with boxes *I don't use* sitting by my line and she asks me if I need more. I told her quite clearly "I don't use those boxes". Next thing I know, a forklift driver is asking me if I need more of this box. This girl (she's my DDs age) took it upon herself to order more of a box I don't use. I guess in her mind I'm not sure which boxes I use a lot and which boxes I don't use at all. Either that or I forgot.

I started working there when she was in middle school, took two months off and evidently my mental capacity took a major hit.

I've always had a problem with people who "instruct" those who know a hell of a lot more than they do.

And as far as my machine, I've logged more hours on it than everyone else combined.

sad12008 posted 8/1/2013 17:53 PM

That situation would've burned my biscuits too, Clarrissa. You showed remarkable restraint!

I'm wondering what this woman's angle is...

jrc1963 posted 8/1/2013 19:53 PM

Wow... and she didn't get a box in the face?

I agree, you showed remarkable restraint.

Clarrissa posted 8/1/2013 20:18 PM

I tend to ignore her. She isn't worth losing my job over, ya know? I did find it a bit amusing when she "explained" about the ribbon. I was like "Umm, yeah. Been doing that for a few years now..."

I know more about the total system (computer and machine) than *anyone* there. This girl also managed to get around the safeties and got her hand caught in the machine. The main safety is a sensor. If it's obstructed for more than a few seconds, one of two errors will pop up and the machine stops. Also if the seal bar hits anything thicker than a quarter inch (fingers/hands included) the seal bar will retract and the machine will stop. Somehow she managed to get injured despite the safeties. Right now the machine is acting up - cycling at random sometimes but for an old girl like me ( ) I've got quick enough reflexes to get out of the way. Granted that may be why her hand got caught but I still wonder what the hell she did to my machine since I've had more trouble with it in the last few months than I did in the 4 years prior.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more WTF moments from her. Especially since she thinks she knows so much more than I do. And I'd love to hear her logic concerning the boxes.

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itainteasy posted 8/2/2013 08:57 AM

Did she take over as lead while you were out?

Maybe she can't let go of the position, and is trying to show your boss that she's the better choice for it?

How annoying.

Clarrissa posted 8/2/2013 16:29 PM

ooops, double post.

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Clarrissa posted 8/2/2013 16:31 PM

Y4s, she did run my machine while I was gone but I'd have to screw up *majorly* (to the point of damn near getting fired) for her to get my line. They know I'm the best they have for that line. I have WAY more experience and WAY more seniority (I'm 4th in seniority among hourly workers company wide. That's 3 facilities).

No, her problem is she thinks she knows everything and seems determined to prove it.

UndecidedinMA posted 8/2/2013 18:02 PM

Not familar with your industry terms,is a line lead like a supervisor?

I am a supv at my work and deal with this alot. I usually gently remind them I am what I am. Every once in awhile you have to be abit firm, with a smile like you just ate a gallon of ice cream & remind them that at no time do you need or seek their advice. When they reach your level of responsibilty you'll chat until then they may be best served keeping their head in their own work.

If that does not work I just scream I am the boss, go sit down!! LOL

But sweeeetly!!

Clarrissa posted 8/2/2013 18:53 PM

Where I work a line lead is above the "average" worker but below a supervisor. I only have authority over those working on my line. This girl is *not* a line lead. Her position was strictly temporary. At best, she's a back up lead. But that doesn't stop her from butting in where she isn't needed. She's done it to at least one other lead and showed someone the *incorrect* way to pack a part. She was told it was the wrong way but she insisted it wasn't so she had to be shown she was wrong. Like I said, she thinks she knows everything.

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