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So excited!!

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Survivor3512 posted 8/2/2013 11:05 AM

My sister and I are going to see matchbox 20 and the goo goo dolls in concert tonight! I was supposed to go with the guy I've been dating, but since we're taking a break, I'm going with my sis. And I'm really looking forward to it!!! :)

nutmegkitty posted 8/2/2013 11:46 AM

That is going to be a GREAT show! Have a blast!!!

wildbananas posted 8/2/2013 11:46 AM

Love both of those bands... you're going to have a blast!

movingforward777 posted 8/2/2013 12:31 PM

One of the girls I work with saw them when they played in Toronto and said it was "an awesome concert!"

lieshurt posted 8/2/2013 12:32 PM

My coworker just saw them this week and said they were fantastic. Have a great time!

miadianna posted 8/2/2013 12:37 PM

Have fun! My daughter and I are huge Goo Goo Dolls fans and have seen them every time they come to Chicago. I'm so excited for you.

Whalers11 posted 8/2/2013 23:58 PM

I'm a huge Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas fan... they put on a great show!

Survivor3512 posted 8/3/2013 13:10 PM

The show was awesome and my sister and I had a blast!!!

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