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he says he's in love with her.

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brokenhearted475 posted 8/2/2013 23:29 PM

She's twenty he's forty. Its been a monththo I know they were together before this. He resulted to just being plain nasty to me. He says he loves her and she's fixed what I've broken and her family is happy for them. I went to high school with her mom. I guess its time to give up for good. :*(

horaliar posted 8/3/2013 02:24 AM

I'm so sorry you are hurting. On the other hand, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm pretty sure my WH still has feeling for OW, he will never accept that to me. Be strong, we are here for you.

Ostrich80 posted 8/3/2013 04:43 AM

I'm so sorry, I know that's got to hurt. The chances of them making it...slim to none but that doesn't lessen the hurt and rejection. You have support here.

nomistakeaboutit posted 8/3/2013 06:43 AM

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. To hear that a spouse loves's just horrible.

Sometimes, like it sounds like you are experiencing, it does become a defining moment. I don't want to paint it as a "good" thing, but it is "explicit", in addition to being painful. Knowing where you stand provides the opportunity for you to start making choices based on real information.

What you know is that he believes he loves her and believes it enough to tell you that. You also know that he likes her more than he likes you. You also know that he blames you for some of his problems and had used that to justify his affair.

I know that I don't get a vote, but if I did, my vote would be to let them have each other.

I am very sorry for your pain. Please keep reading and posting on SI. Good luck to you, as you navigate the next difficult steps of this living nightmare.



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