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I just lost my job....

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thebirdcage posted 8/5/2013 12:02 PM

This is my second pregnancy. My first son was still born in March at 26 weeks. I am currently 15 weeks along. After our loss I was diagnosed with factor II blood clotting disorder and am currently on lovenox and baby aspirin in hopes that this pregnancy will conclude in the delivery of a safe and healthy baby. A month after our loss was Dday. And one month later our HB baby was conceived. We are both working hard at R and have had our good and bad days.
I worked as a field coordinator in a distribution warehouse up until 4 weeks ago. My pregnancy is considered high risk and because of this I have lifting restrictions on the weight I can lift. My job description states that I must be able to lift 35 pounds, my Doctor has stated I can not lift more than 20 due to my high risk pregnancy.

My employer has put me on unpaid leave until I am able to lift 35 pounds, which,God willing, will be after my delivery in January and maternity leave. They will not fire me so they don't have to pay unemployment or get sued for firing a pregnant woman. I am out of an income and am terrified. I have a wonderful support team built of my love and immediate family. Unfortunately, they are also all struggling working class people as well. The baby is due in January and right now it looks like our only option is moving in with my mother in a two bedroom apartment. Although I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to have a place to go, I am sad that the house we were looking into buying (our dream home) is no longer an option for us due to me not having an income. I don't know how I am going to even make monthly bills.

I need help. I've worked hard since age 15 and have always been able to take care of myself. It's been a fight with pride to even accept help or ask for it. These past few months have been devastating and the loss of my son was by far the worst pain I will ever endure. Having experienced that I know I am stronger and will make it through all this. Having a dday after the loss was almost unbearable. But I've made it and am trying to keep my head high.

Does anyone know of any support? Anyone who is willing to help? Any organizations? Just a point in the right direction will be of most help. Praying constantly... Sometimes I feel so hopeless but the memory of my son and the hope for the healthy delivery of my growing baby keep me going!

Deeply Scared posted 8/5/2013 12:22 PM

Please do not post duplicate threads in various forums.

The one in the Recon forum has been left open for members to reply to.

Thank you.

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