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Karmic justice?

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freelancer posted 8/5/2013 12:47 PM

So a little backstory: WH met OW#1 when he was introduced to her by her brother, B. B is a co-worker of WH. They were 3000 miles from home (where OW #1 happened to live) for a 6 week period for work. Their A started very shortly after they met, continued while my kids and I (3.5 years and 4 months at the time) came out to visit because "he missed us" and then long distance for another year after. B played nicey nice to my face when we would see him out, company Christmas party, being friendly with my kids (this really steams me!) when we would see him at the chiropractor, stuff like that. I have had a big issue with him sine DD because that is NOT ok, and WH is now his boss, so it is further complicated.

Well, last night, B was on a fairly serious motorcycle accident. And I don't feel that the accident is the karma, I do feel bad for his physical pain and for his wife's stress and worry (she wasn't married to him when this all started but they married about a month before DD so she knows more of his character now). The part where I see a bit of karmic justice is that he was supposed to leave today to visit his son (from his 1st marriage where he was a WH) and spend a week with him before my WH and another coworker have to pick him up to go to a work thing for 7 weeks. I just see some sort of balance in the fact that he saw that it was ok to help in the destruction of my family, and now his time with his only child is being messed with.

I now have to worry about OW#1 coming out to see her brother and using that as a way to gain sympathy from WH and weasel her way in. Ugh.

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