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What's red and yellow and loved all over?

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lynnm1947 posted 8/5/2013 13:26 PM

My kitchen! It now has two walls painted--one red, one yellow. I also painted a piece for the red wall. It's a copy of the design on an old Grand Marnier Special Editions tin. You can see the tin in the pic, too.

Obviously the new microwave and stove aren't yet installed, and I can't wait.

Perhaps this kitchen might be colour overload for some folks, but for me and my love of strong colours, it's just great.

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Rebreather posted 8/5/2013 13:33 PM

Good for you! I have a red kitchen so I hear you on color!

lynnm1947 posted 8/5/2013 13:44 PM

I find yellow incredibly cheery. When I was going through the XSO mess, I wore a lot of yellow. And I find red very energizing. I figure the older I get, the more cheering and energizing I'm going to need!

Lucky2HaveMe posted 8/5/2013 13:44 PM

Love it!

FaithFool posted 8/5/2013 13:47 PM

X was always dead set against strong colours. We lived for years with various shades of white.... strange because he's California Hispanic and that culture is incredibly colourful.

Could never figure that one out.

Love your kitchen. When are we coming for sushi?

lynnm1947 posted 8/5/2013 15:51 PM

Thanks, all.

Any time you're in town, FF!

itainteasy posted 8/6/2013 08:02 AM

It's gorgeous!

lynnm1947 posted 8/6/2013 08:06 AM

X was always dead set against strong colours. We lived for years with various shades of white

I've always had white or off-white walls in my living/dining areas because my artwork (my own and the art of others I have purchased) tends to be pretty darn colourful, so I figure white is the best background for it. Well, last winter, I painted one wall of my dining room a nice cheery yellow and planted my most colourful white, red & black painting on it. That's the wall I see when I enter my house--and I love it. I walk in the door and I'm happy, no matter what has transpired during the day.

lynnm1947 posted 8/6/2013 08:25 AM

Thank you, itainteasy. I have stainless appliances on order and when they are installed, I think the kitchen will be as I like it!

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