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A life lesson

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ninebark posted 8/7/2013 07:02 AM

Well DS had a great lesson in life this weekend.

He is a runner adn we were doing the MacPass Miles, which is an easy run over the bridge here in the city. We had to run at different times so I was a little nervous leaving him on his own for half an hour. But I had to suck it up, he's 12 and I have to let go sometime.

Anyhoo while we were waiting we ran into a friend of his who paddles with him over the summer at the aquatic club. He was all dressed in fancy technical running clothes and went on and on about how good he was,all the track and field he does, all the hills he has to train on...and on and on. I just kinda internally rolled my eyes but was kind and acted so impressed with his deeds.

He then proceeds to tell DS that he is probably going to be running way ahead of him and will win this okay sure. My advice before I left was "keep a good pace, don't kill yourself, have fun and for goodness sake don't puke at the finish line" lol

So I wait for DS after my run, and watch him and the other kid run in, DS finishes ahead of him. The kid then sits down panting and acting like we weren't even there.

I spoke to DS later and apparently there was a bet for a small bag of candy for the winner (made by the other kid). He never did get that bag of candy.

I told DS that people who are good at something don't need to brag themselves up about it, and if you have the gall to make a bet with someone like that then you man up and pay the bet if you lose. He told me that he never actually expected him to buy him the

Anyway, positive day. I am proud of DS, he doesn't brag about himself and his accomplishments and is always willing to step in and help others whenever he can. Makes me feel like I did something right

HFSSC posted 8/7/2013 07:09 AM

What a nice story. And I love it when arseholes get their comeuppance.

tushnurse posted 8/7/2013 08:30 AM

Woot Woot to your son. That is awesome.
The fact that you have a 12 year old boy that likes to run is impressive....

ninebark posted 8/7/2013 08:34 AM

The fact that you have a 12 year old boy that likes to run is impressive

Its funny, no one in our family was a runner. He started in the school running club, then started doing the Bluenose Marathon (kids run) every year, then joined the Youth Runnning Series, and it snowballed from there. He is competative and loves it.

I had to take up running so we had something to do together, and because I felt like a fraud teaching him to be active and not doing it myself.

Oh and it is extra amusing to me because we struggled his whole life with Asthma...and yet he is a runner, goes to show what you can accomplish.

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jjct posted 8/7/2013 17:05 PM

Boys and bragging.

One thing my mother taught, that really made a day-to-day difference was - you can come home and brag to me all you want, but don't you dare brag outside this house.
It made a difference.

We could do it guilt-free at home, and it was a pressure-release valve as well.

Your son sounds like an impressive young man!

metamorphisis posted 8/7/2013 17:23 PM

Good Boy!! And I agree .. very impressive to be running at 12.
One thing I try to impress upon my kids.. don't talk to people about how you can do something.. show them.

Now I brag about them here all the time. That's different.

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