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Nicnac posted 8/7/2013 07:03 AM

I keep seeing this, what is it?

AFrayedKnot posted 8/7/2013 07:12 AM

VAR- is a Voice Activated Recorder.

Nicnac posted 8/7/2013 07:15 AM

So I get one of those for the car, where do I put it? I wish there was a version that I could get him to carry around with him!

tushnurse posted 8/7/2013 07:59 AM

You hide it where he won't see it. Duct tape it to the bottom of the drivers seat, or in some cars there is a space where the bottom of the front console meets the floor board where there is a space. Make sure it's secured so that it doesn't come flying out of it's spot if and when he slams on his brakes.

Nicnac posted 8/7/2013 08:10 AM

I don't know if I'm ok doing it. I want to, I want to put spyware on his phone and a VAR in his car, but I feel guilty, even after all he's done :(

Dawnie posted 8/7/2013 08:16 AM

3 1/2 years ago I put a VAR in my WXH's car in the net pocket on the back of his seat... and this is why we divorced... I caught him red handed with her. I am a big fan of VAR's

SI Staff posted 8/7/2013 08:20 AM

The I-Tips forum becomes available to all members once they've reached 51 legitimate posts and have added SImplicity upgrade to your Profile (if you have joined after September 2012).

Please do not post one word replies just to get your post count up, that will result in your Profile being disabled.

Thank you

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