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What is your favorite smell?

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dameia posted 8/7/2013 19:06 PM

I don't know why, but I'm curious as to the favorite smells of my fellow SI'ers. And why, if you're willing to share.

Mine is cinnamon. Reminds me of Christmas.

authenticnow posted 8/7/2013 19:21 PM

I love the smell of freshly washed laundry. It just reminds me of 'cozy', and I love cozy .

Also, DD21 has a very distinct smell. It's sweet and clean and just...her. I love it. Whenever I kiss her on the cheek or on the head, it's more of an inhale. I can't get enough of it.

kernel posted 8/7/2013 19:33 PM

Baking bread. Pumpkin pie. Pine boughs. Vegetable soup cooking - always reminds of my grandma making soup.

sad12008 posted 8/7/2013 19:33 PM

the ocean.

Tripletrouble posted 8/7/2013 19:35 PM

Fresh coffee brewing....still heavenly every morning after all these years

nowiknow23 posted 8/7/2013 19:41 PM

Clean. I love the smells of crisp cotton, lemon, clothes off the line...

lost_in_toronto posted 8/7/2013 19:41 PM

Lilacs. Lavender. Tomato vines. Soil.

I like to garden!

metamorphisis posted 8/7/2013 19:43 PM

Lilacs (only the real thing), Wisteria and coconut.

dameia posted 8/7/2013 19:46 PM

I love the smell of lilacs! We had a beautiful, big bush of them when I was a kid.

Also, all this talk of clean....I love the smell of a clean person, right out of the shower.

gma56 posted 8/7/2013 19:50 PM

Love real jasmine, clean sheets after a shower, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Love anything coconut/tropical scented.

broken2 posted 8/7/2013 19:51 PM

The smell of any type of evergreen trees growing in the forest when the wind catches them just right.

This makes me very happy!

wifehad5 posted 8/7/2013 20:53 PM

104 octane race fuel through an old Pontiac

meaniemouse posted 8/7/2013 20:56 PM

New car. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

musiclovingmom posted 8/7/2013 20:59 PM

Diesel and mud mixed with Old Spice deodorant. Sounds gross, I know, but my H drives a truck in the oilfield and that's how he smells when he comes home. Every day there is real danger in his job and sometimes he's gone for a week or more - so his smell is wonderfully comforting.
Besides that, baking bread (or anything baking really) and cinnamon and vanilla.

Kajem posted 8/7/2013 21:21 PM

Night blooming jasmine, orange blossoms, beach, clean babies, kids, roses, brownies, apple pie, steaks on the grill, barbeque

jrc1963 posted 8/7/2013 21:22 PM

Fresh Cut Grass... I don't know why, I just like it.

Nothing artificial...

GabyBaby posted 8/7/2013 21:24 PM

Newborn baby's breath
Baby powder

TrulyReconciled posted 8/7/2013 22:44 PM


silverhopes posted 8/8/2013 00:25 AM

Love reading everyone's favorite scents. +1 to lavender, cinnamon, the ocean, the smell of your child's head...

frankincense and myrrh incense sticks
apple crisp baking
plants in general, purple roses and coyote brush in specific...
red velvet cupcake candle
gardenia, jasmine
the air after the rain
Angel's Trumpet, Butterfly Bush
the metal of the underground trains and escalators (only while pregnant - almost like a smell pica)
clean sheets

Only one favorite smell? Hard to choose, there are so many wonderful things to smell in the world.

[This message edited by silverhopes at 12:26 AM, August 8th (Thursday)]

scarredforever posted 8/8/2013 06:54 AM

Fresh cut grass, chocolate, vanilla.

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