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I'm letting go.

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broken2 posted 8/7/2013 19:38 PM

I recently found out that a man that I really liked and have been friends with has fallen hard for a another lady.

Okay, some back story. I've known him since I've been a very little girl. Grew up always having him in my life, all of us kids from our two families doing things together. Even when his siblings and mine were getting married and starting our own lives, all of us attended each others weddings. We have all always stayed in touch through the years and even visited each other with our spouses. We are scattered all over the US.

I always had a crush on him even as a girl. Nothing ever happen between any of us growing up. I always wished, but thought he was someone that was kind of out of my league in the dating sense.

He had gotten a divorce and happened to be in the same town as me on business. He stayed at my home. Nothing really serious happened, but we had an amazing time. He has never known my feelings for him and still doesn't. There were no promises made at the end of our time together, so no one gave the other false hope. Circumstances are such that it would be an almost impossible relationship, distance wise and some other things that I will not get into here.

I love to see him happy, honestly I do, no question there and have told him so. I hold him very hear to me as a friend and always will. Like I said there could never be anything but friendship between us and I do feel I will be able to separate my feelings for what I hoped for and what I know will be. I was truly broken and he gave me hope where I thought there wasn't any. He made my body feel things I had forgotten existed. (not talking sexual here) He held me, kissed me, I felt alive and it was wonderful! We did talk about had it gotten more physical it could have ruined a great friendship between the two families. We both agreed this to be true.

My head knows, but my heart is still lingering. I'm just posting my feelings here, need to put it into words so that I may have a finality. By choosing to post here I am letting go.

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gma56 posted 8/7/2013 19:59 PM

So much history together !
That is a tough one when you did have a little taste of what could have been.

It is probably wise not to have gotten involved but damn sometimes who the hell wants to do the right thing. UGH !!!!!!!
Good luck letting go.

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nowiknow23 posted 8/7/2013 20:06 PM


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