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moms going home

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eyenight posted 8/9/2013 11:59 AM

Tomorrow I am taking my mom back home. Thank god. It has been hell at my place for the last few weeks. My mother is really a witch and a horrible person. She has done nothing but throw me under the bus to her family. Saying I dropped the ball on things. Which I have not, I refuse to pay for her medications, she wont go with me to get them, she refuses to go to the grocery store so I get what I want, which she eats all my food. which on an occasion I had to hit up the food pantry or friends because she wont pay me for what she has eaten, and god forbid i eat something of hers she makes the biggest deal out of it. so I would have something for son for breakfest. she refuses to help pay her part of my bills going up, like my electric, it was 20 to 30 a month but now its close to 80 or 90.
She treats my son like garbage. He is actually lashing out at her.
At one point I was 5 days away from being evicted and pay day was a over a week away. I asked her if i could borrow the money and pay her back when I could. She gave some excuse of me not taking her home a few months back, so she refused to help. I ran out of options at this point. It took me pleading with her and me crying and me telling her well if I am on the street so are you, so she actually did give me the money. But still, I rarely ask for help and when I do I really need it.
I also found out from my sister that when my dad passed away she has to sign off on the paperwork to have him cremated. She wouldnt come and sign the papers for 3 days the funeral home said that they would have to call in the county and we could be charged. So she finally signed the paper work after my sister had to bring it to her. So she let my dad sit in rot for days.
From my sister telling me that she does not deserve to be in my home at all. My relationship with her is done

I have never dealt with depression amd when I couldnt get off the couch for a few days something was wrong with me. I sleep way to much and I still am tired.

I am getting her out of my house for my own sanity and my sons safety.

This woman is pure evil. I think she gets a kick out of it when people are miserable

jo2love posted 8/9/2013 23:49 PM


I'm sorry.
I'm glad you are taking her back home. I think it's healthier for you and your son.

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