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lookin@another women @dinner

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heathenchristian posted 8/9/2013 22:13 PM

Not just a fricken glance, more like ogling her. Not attractive either. Same ethnicity as OW.
I'm sittin outside now. Don't want to be near him. Hopin he will go to sleep since he has to be @ wrk early am. My blood is boilin.

[This message edited by heathenchristian at 10:47 PM, August 10th (Saturday)]

blakesteele posted 8/9/2013 23:03 PM

(heathenchristian) Peace be with you. Angry, hostile night here too.

God be with us.

rachelc posted 8/10/2013 06:35 AM

this has happened to me as well. I don't understand, after an affair or two, why you would even LOOK at another woman in your wife's presence...

Knowing posted 8/10/2013 06:54 AM

It is infuriating to see fWH ogle other women. It had never bothered me before, but I think that behaviour had ramped up in recent years.

I think it's a symptom of their "disease". My fWH admits to objectifying women and that's why he stares. I confronted him about it several months back and he recognized it as part of the slippery slope. He says he's trying to break the habits and the thinking around that behaviour.

summerain posted 8/10/2013 06:56 AM


Mine imagines them naked... and can't help it. Co-workers... everyone. Happens about 10 times a day...

Beat that

heathenchristian posted 8/10/2013 22:30 PM

I'm sure he was looking at her and thinking of his OW.

It makes me think R is ridiculous.

Tonight was a better night.

Thanks for the support.

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