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I feel so stupid

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completeshock posted 8/10/2013 10:48 AM

I spilled my feelings to someone I thought felt the same way. Turns out he didn't. I feel so stupid now. Stuff like this makes me feel like a teenager all over again - and not in a good way! LOL. Does this "feelings" stuff ever get any easier???

Kajem posted 8/10/2013 12:06 PM


I don't know if it ever gets easy. I think you are incredibly brave to be able to put them out there.



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wonderingbull posted 8/10/2013 12:33 PM

CS... Calm down and relax... Putting yourself out there is always difficult... When it isn't reciprocated.... well.... That's just the way it is... Chin up, eyes forward girl...

Live in fame, die in flame...


completeshock posted 8/10/2013 12:53 PM

If there is one good thing to come out of it, it's the fact that despite feeling stupid and sad, I'm also pretty damn proud of myself. I'm not one to ever talk about feelings and it usually comes back to bite me in the butt. At least I have no "what ifs?" right? That part is a little empowering.

jo2love posted 8/10/2013 12:55 PM


I'm sorry. It takes a lot strength to take a chance by sharing your feelings. I hope you meet someone wonderful that appreciates how terrific you are and makes you laugh.

9.10.11 posted 8/10/2013 13:59 PM

No it doesn't, CShock. It sucks being on both sides.
It all needs said, from both sides. Then you move on. Keep your head up and know that there will be someone out there who feels the same, then you know ya got what and who ya want. You'll both be happy.

Hang in there!

sadsmile posted 8/10/2013 21:03 PM

I get where you're coming from. It takes guts to put yourself out there. I'm a very confident person in most aspects of my life but shy in this way. Unfortunately this wasn't the guy but kudos to you for being brave enough to put it out there anyways and although you may be bummed temporarily at least you don't have to look back and wonder what if. There's a lot of value in that!

thyme2go posted 8/10/2013 22:36 PM

Speaking from experience, one of the worst feelings there is. Especially when you are certain they feel the same way...


click4it posted 8/10/2013 23:33 PM

sorry you feel stupid, but I don't think you are stupid at all. (((hugs)))

persevere posted 8/11/2013 01:41 AM

Being open and honest is a victory within itself. As you said - no what ifs. Even when you don't hear the answer you want to hear at least you have the answer.

NaiveAgain posted 8/12/2013 07:42 AM

Being open and honest is a victory within itself
Ditto. Don't ever feel stupid about sharing your feelings, and sharing your feelings shouldn't be dependent on what the other person feels or how they respond.

Sharing your feelings is being true to yourself. It is always nice to hear the other person has the same feelings back, but if they don't, it is still okay that you have your own feelings.

I am at the point in my life that I feel the freedom to share my feelings with others and not worry about how they feel about it. It is empowering and freeing to get to that point....but there is really no reason to feel stupid about sharing how you feel. Congratulations for being strong enough to share your feelings and not know how the other person was going to react! I'm sorry they didn't react the way you were hoping, but it is still an awesome thing for you to be able to do!

InnerLight posted 8/12/2013 12:02 PM


Ouch! This really hurts. But I'm glad you're proud of yourself for reaching out and saying your piece.

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