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It was a hard week

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Morhurt posted 8/10/2013 14:33 PM

Our 8 yo daughter had minor surgery on Thursday. We have to travel out of town for her treatment. One of my H's ONS happened two years ago on a business trip that he (legitimately) took between two medical trips for our daughter. It was such a stressful time for me, having a 6 yo needing surgery, going into a wheel chair temporarily, dealing with a non-accessible school etc. Knowing now that H was spending work time texting his bimbo fling to "help her with her BF and mean boss" is crushing.
Going through the surgery this week, knowing what I now know... It was very painful. I told him many times how it made me feel. Like shit. He is remorseful and feels like a total ass (as he should) but it doesn't take the pain away.
The next (and last) time he saw her was planned for another business trip. That one he left for on that same daughter's 7th bday. :(

burnt_toast posted 8/10/2013 16:44 PM


I'm sorry you ahd a rough week. Hope your DD is recuperating well from the surgery.

Triggers are part of the process. You did well by telling your WH about your feelings.

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