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Ex In-laws think I'm still their maid

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EZ4U posted 8/11/2013 21:35 PM

So divorced a year and still talk to ex FIL and ex SIL. I had begged them to do an intervention with the bipolar ex prior to our divorce but they only gave the thought lip service w no action. Divorce happened and we all went our separate ways.
Now Ex SIL is pregnant, wants to do Thanksgiving holiday at my house "so you can see the baby" and thinks I want to put her family and father up for the week,cook and conveniently babysit while they go to a college football game that Friday (her Real motivation for coming my way).
Well,I kindly informed her I didn't know what her brothers plans were but we held separate holidays now. She complained there was no room at his apt and nowhere to cook (or trust him to babysit during the football game). Too bad, so sad honey. My days of trying to please the in laws are OVER! Brothers negative actions effect you now too. The house close to Disney and your old college is closed to visitors and the maid quit.

Pentup posted 8/11/2013 21:48 PM

Need a like button!

PurpleRose posted 8/11/2013 22:02 PM


This is not something I'll ever have to worry about- his "family" never once came to our home once we moved out of state. (Aside from his NPD cheater father, and if I never see that bastard again it will be too soon).

Good for you!

mchercheur posted 8/11/2013 22:11 PM

It's not your problem any more, you are free from that.

gma56 posted 8/11/2013 23:05 PM

Doesn't it feel good to use that personal power you've been working on ?
Love this !
She has an entitled nerve to even ask !

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sadsmile posted 8/11/2013 23:30 PM

Good on you!

DeadMumWalking posted 8/12/2013 04:31 AM

The NERVE of some people!!!

Way to go setting them straight!

SBB posted 8/12/2013 05:43 AM

I bet it feels AWESOME!!

I can't believe the cheek!

Sad in AZ posted 8/12/2013 06:00 AM

You did good

EZ4U posted 8/12/2013 06:29 AM

Hee! She was all "I just thought everyone would want to see the baby"...
Want to see her first child ,kiss him and send him back to momma- sure. But babysit on my days off while you and hubby go to the big FSU/UF game, pay tons for holiday groceries, cook for hours while u guys go out shopping, pick up after the FIL while he ignores my presence and watch the EX eat, burp and declare what " friends" we are then go home to pork his latest girlfriend? - NO!
Little miss entitled is gonna have to learn mommies don't always get to go out for fun without baby overnight. Babysitters are expensive and not always available, cook your own damn turkey, and clean up your own smelly messes. I am goin Holiday Friday shopping, I will have a pleasant dinner with my parents and son who will help me clean up afterwards, and I will watch football on the couch and take a nap all I want afterwards too. Whoop whoop!

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