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fireproof posted 8/12/2013 20:56 PM

Does anyone know if this is a reputable site? Does it cost anything to join? Thank you- I am not technically savvy.

GabyBaby posted 8/12/2013 20:59 PM

I use it quite a bit.
I've never paid a membership fee. I simply get "spotlight" emails (and sometimes search the site if I'm looking for something in particular) and either buy the item or not.

We had a bowling birthday party for hubby one year. Groupon had ticket special of buy one get one free. We purchased everyone's games using the coupons and saved a bundle.
Recently, I purchased two backpacks full of supplies for $36 each. If I'd purchased the items individually, it would have cost well over $100 each.

ETA: I should clarify that the backpacks were full of school supplies.

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Mommato4 posted 8/12/2013 21:00 PM

It's no cost to join. You will just receive emails daily/weekly. Only when you decide to buy the groupon you want to do you pay the groupon price for it.

I've used some for food which was no problem redeeming. The activity I bought I let it expire and I don't think you can get a refund after it expires. I usually check out the place before I purchase and read the reviews.

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fireproof posted 8/12/2013 21:50 PM

Thank you! I feel like I a, stepping out of the dark ages

lynnm1947 posted 8/13/2013 09:53 AM

I use GroupOn for restaurants. No problem redeeming.

TattoodChinaDoll posted 8/13/2013 10:01 AM

I recently purchased a groupon for a salon. I got a haircut, conditioning treatment, color, and a blow out for $45. The actual cost of all that was $130. Plus I have super long hair so it would have been extra for that. Only extra I paid on top of that was the tip. They do say that if you are buying something that you usually tip for, that you tip on the real price, not the groupon price. Also, when you choose a groupon, sometimes there are different options. Like the salon one I got had a cheaper version so it was minus a service and a more expensive version that included highlights. Just read the fine print because you won't be able to use all f them for whenever you want. A lot of the restaurant ones are for specific days of the week.

lieshurt posted 8/13/2013 10:30 AM

I use Groupon all the time and have never had a problem.

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