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Mortgage Company Customer "Service" - long rant

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NoTriangles posted 8/13/2013 11:10 AM

What a freaking mess!!

So at the end of June, I realized that BankofAsshats sent my June mortgage payment, that was intended for ChaseMyTail Mortgage Company for House A, to NationStupid Mortgage Company, to whom I had already made the June payment for House B.

With me so far?

Of course, BankofAsshats is taking no responsibility and says I must have made the mistake. Never mind that I could hardly be more militant about online payments. I log every confirmation number, verify and notate the disbursing account and the payment date and keep copious paper records etc. This isn’t my first rodeo managing my rental properties. But whatever. I needed to get on with solving the core problem, which obviously is that:

I am now late on the mortgage with ChaseMyTail and I NEED MY $2,000 BACK, dammit!!!!!

I look at my next statement from NationStupid and it is clear as day that they have posted the inadvertent payment as a random principal reduction. Calling them was a joke in and of itself – there is no way to easily speak to a human. After being transferred around, hung up on, and playing voice-prompt roulette for the second time, I explain my situation to someone who supposedly knows a guy who knows another guy who knows the department that might be able to help me get a refund. "Please hold."

After another lengthy wait, this rocket scientist comes on and says “So I understand you want to re-finance.”


Not ‘re-finance’, you dumbass!! Re-FUND!! Nice and slow. R.E.F.U.N.D.

Wait, it gets better. This genius at NationStupid says that, despite the fact that their July statement clearly shows the $2,000 additional payment, I have to FAX THEM PROOF before they can take action!!! I say “The proof is right there on your own damn statement!!” Oh no, I have to print out the BankofAsshat statement and write a letter and fax it to NationStupid. Meanwhile, I have to scrounge up another $2,000 to get current with ChaseMyTail, who won’t consider my request for a late charge waiver until I am current.

Fast forward one month and I STILL don’t have my REFUND from NationStupid and I am going to have to cover the ChaseMyTail mortgage AGAIN from other funds.

As if I were not already seriously pissed off, it is the insolence of these customer ‘service’ douchebags that really fries my cookies. They don’t have a dog in this fight so what do they really care? But *I* still have a wayward $2,000 and now have to tolerate some snot-nosed 22 year old ‘supervisor’ reading some drivel of a script explaining his utter helplessness. If this were any other organization, I would sever the business relationship in five seconds flat. But you don’t get to choose these days. NationStupid bought the mortgage on House B in April and you don’t get a say in whether the company that now services your loan is full of morons. It’s crap and it sucks.

I am going to go look in the couch cushions for some lunch money now. Thanks for letting me vent.

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StillGoing posted 8/13/2013 11:30 AM

Sorry, that sounds like hell. Hope someone over there figures that shit out for you.

metamorphisis posted 8/13/2013 11:31 AM

I'm eye twitching mad for you. I can only imagine how you feel. I've had customer service issues like this.. where it's exhausting even trying to get someone up to speed on what's happening because it's such a convoluted mess. Never mind that there is never any follow through because you will get a different person every time you call, thus having to try and explain it all over again. I chased a credit card mistake once for 6 months. And it wasn't MY mistake.
I understand. And something as big as a mortgage (which is what most home owners spend more of their life working for than doing anything else) should have accountable staff and consistent customer service. It's appalling that there isn't and we all just have to take it. Heck.. give me a good customer service experience these days and you've got a fan for life. A company shows what their made of in an unusual mistake situation.
(((NoTriangles))).. I'd be flipping my lid too.

lynnm1947 posted 8/13/2013 12:44 PM

I can feel for you! Even when it's one's own fault, it still takes ages to sort something out.

A few months ago, I had a large MasterCard bill because of a big $$$ purchase. I went into my on-line banking and clicked a $4,865 payment to bring the account back to 0. A week or so later, I wanted to pay for a large restaurant bill with my MC was declined. So I go to my on-line banking and yep, instead of hitting MY MasterCard account, I had paid my lump sum into my S/O's MasterCard account for which I had the info because he'd ordered something for us on his account and we were splitting the cost. CRAP!

You have no idea the rigamarole we had to go through to get this straightened out--even though my S/O had had a small credit in his MC account BEFORE I deposited to it!

a) The bank would not allow me to reverse the payment. They did say if I got no help from MC, they would consider re-calling it.

b) MasterCard would not debit his account and credit mine.

c) MasterCard would not initially let HIM take out the money as a cash advance without charging him for it. That is how it was eventually settled, but not until AFTER my S/O's due date ("just in case he had that kind of balance", according to the 'customer service' rep) several weeks later. S/O threatened to cancel his MC if he was charged any fees for this.

By this time, of course, the due date for my account (since I did not have another spare $5,000 lying around)had passed, so I got charged interest on my balance.

Grrrrrr...........I hate huge corporations. Don't get me started on phone companies. My blood pressure goes up whenever I even mention having to talk with Bell.

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