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OW quit her job today

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RedRose posted 8/13/2013 20:30 PM

WH continued to work with OW, but today she gave her notice and said she wouldn't be back. Why am I not happier? While I am glad she won't have reason to see him all the time, she still lives near his work (an hour away from where we live). I feel automatically suspicious that this is a way for the A to go underground, instead of just being elated that we can finally be done with her. I hate living with suspicion all the time

jjsr posted 8/13/2013 21:12 PM

Well what tells you that the A might go underground. Is your husband displaying signs that he is still cheating? I don't know your story.

mchercheur posted 8/13/2013 21:17 PM

I understand. My WH still works in the same building as OW, altho they no longer sit next to each other every day all day.

I am guessing we will never 100% trust them again.

I am hoping for you that she is finally out of your life, & that you & your WH can start a new chapter.

AML04 posted 8/14/2013 07:14 AM

I wish OW would quit!!! But I can see how this could also make you uncomfortable. I truly hope your H isn't giving you any reason to think this might happen. I know it's hard but try to look at it positively.
Good luck!

still-living posted 8/14/2013 07:38 AM

My wife quitting her job was one of the best days of my life, and our recovery rapidly improved after she did.

RedRose posted 8/14/2013 08:28 AM

My story, in a nutshell - WH had an EA turned PA with a coworker for two years. I found out in December, and the A went underground until July. He hasn't given me any reason to believe that it has continued since then, has been transparent for the first time, and was very clear to OW about NC, which he hadn't done before. So, I do think he is doing everything right at this point. I just expected to be thrilled that she quit - and I am happy - just hope that it isn't too good to be true!

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Scubachick posted 8/14/2013 14:07 PM

Red Rose,

I understand completely! My husband fired her and I rehired her (although at the time I only had part of the truth). I was conflicted because I thought at least I can keep my eye on her but at the same time I hated that she was still there. If she quit I would never know where she was or what she was up to. I bet your husband is happy she quit!

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