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Sometimes work is rough...

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hurtbs posted 8/14/2013 17:23 PM

I needed to take 20 minutes of personal time today at work so I walked around the bay (we're right on the water). You know, sometimes it's a rough life but I persevere

nowiknow23 posted 8/14/2013 17:41 PM

Poor hurtbs.

jrc1963 posted 8/14/2013 19:26 PM

Looks lovely!!!

gahurts posted 8/14/2013 20:47 PM

I'd never get any work done if that was teh view out my window.

hurtbs posted 8/14/2013 20:49 PM

Ga, no I have to take a brief walk for the view... they probably know that about me. But getting so close to the water and smelling the ocean... great way to spend a 20 minute break, no?

I mean, my life is so hard!!

[This message edited by hurtbs at 8:50 PM, August 14th (Wednesday)]

purplejacket4 posted 8/14/2013 23:05 PM

I could take a brief walk and see... Hmmm, desert, tumble weeds, ragweed, oh there went a rabbit. Sigh. I hate you.

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