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My Boy Is Smitten

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ajsmom posted 8/15/2013 10:55 AM

I knew this time would come. With his seventeen jillion years of school finally behind him, from all appearances my boy has possibly met The One. Gulp.

Hes my only child. We were cast into single mom-kid hood by his dad when he was 10 months old age year six for him when I married the X. Special doesnt begin to describe our bond. We laugh the same. We make the same faces when we eat something we dont like. Heck, we even walk with the same gait. There is no doubt hes my boy. Though 2,300+ miles separate us, we both know when the other needs a cyber-hug. He will talk to me about ANYTHING sometimes, thats a bit tough but I love that hes comfortable with me enough to share things that sometimes make my eyes bug out.

They were set up by friends back in October last year. Shes from PA but spent some childhood time in MI so they have that Midwestern bond. Shes a CPA and spent time in NYC cutting her teeth in the industry so she loves the city. She moved to San Diego on the advice of her old boss and AJ's really enjoyed showing her the ropes of his adopted hometown. Their Facebook pages are filled with their adventures. She even friended me! Silly girl!

I was at a national trade show in May when I got a text from AJ saying her dad would be stopping by. I told him to be on his best behavior and turned to take care of someone at our booth. When I was done, a man stepped up to me, extended his hand and said I hear our children are dating. Well, when he said her dad would be stopping by, the kid meant at our booth woulda been nice had he mentioned that. Turns out were somewhat in the same industry. We chatted a bit and he shared that his D seems happy. I replied that AJ seems so too. He seems like a nice guy.

He surprised her this past weekend with a Celine Dion concert in Vegas. He was texting me about how many costume changes Celine made and I teased him about having Sportscenter wired through his pants. While there they got roped into a timeshare spiel for which they got a $75 Visa Gift Card and a voucher for a future stay at some resort. They played Good Cop/Bad Cop with the salesman who kept calling them Mr. and Mrs. E. The dude also asked them when theyd be having kids. AJs text to me: Easy there, Doug. I have to laugh because after he reviewed the many restrictions on the voucher, it appears they can only go every fifth leap year. But hey, they got $75 to spend wildly, so it was all good.

Her parents are going out there Labor Day weekend to meet him. I had planned on going out there then before he told me but decided that would be WAY too much pressure on the boy, so Ill reschedule for some time down the road. Maybe head out there with his dad and stepmom for a long weekend.

He called me a few weeks back to get my feelings on the possibility of them moving in together around November 1st. BIG GULP. Ive never stammered so much in my life! I gave him my thoughts and suppose hes being cautious and is weighing in how her parents take the news before they make a decision.

Hes happy, so Im happy. Still, like any mom, I dont want him hurt.

God help her if she hurts him!


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Deeply Scared posted 8/15/2013 12:20 PM

Oh my gosh...that's HUGE news!! And really exciting at that

I think you sound really happy, which in turn, makes *me* happy

He's such a smart kid(man!) and I know with all the love and support and level-headed guidance you've given him through his whole life...he will always make solid decisions.

Many good thoughts, prayers and wishes of good luck to them both!!!

Whens the wedding?

Amazonia posted 8/15/2013 12:54 PM


lieshurt posted 8/15/2013 13:08 PM

God help her if she hurts him!

I'll provide an alibi if you need one

nowiknow23 posted 8/15/2013 13:43 PM


ajsmom posted 8/15/2013 14:25 PM

Whens the wedding?

Oh, geez. Be still my heart! I haven't even met her yet!

He's 1-2 of me liking his more serious GF's. High school GF? Adored her. College back and forth GF? Not so much.

jrc1963 posted 8/15/2013 14:28 PM

I can wait a really really long time for my DS to fall in love!

Kajem posted 8/15/2013 20:21 PM



Kajem posted 8/15/2013 20:21 PM


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Kajem posted 8/15/2013 20:22 PM


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Kajem posted 8/15/2013 20:22 PM


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Kajem posted 8/15/2013 20:22 PM


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deathbybetrayal posted 8/15/2013 21:49 PM

Awwww that's wonderful news!

You'll like her ... and she'll LOVE you.

So happy for AJ and just think, he found a girl who likes baseball!


ajsmom posted 8/16/2013 09:12 AM

Oh yeah, I forgot.

dbb has already met her!

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